Gameplay Trailer 2 of RDR 2 is Live

So, we are finally in October with a lot of game releases this month, but right now my radar is focused on Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, I don’t like to encourage folks to look at all the new trailers out there, but I do have to say this one gives you a bigger picture of what you will be getting yourself into in the frontier. Let’s take a look for those that may have missed it.

Gameplay of RDR2

“Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tail of the outlaw life that blends story with action, and exploration with choice. All this under the constant threat of danger.” – Rockstar

We all know that Rockstar games know what it is doing when it comes to an open world experience with a compelling storyline to boot. I have mostly experienced the GTA series for this and some of the Red Dead series, but I do believe that Red Redemption 2 will give gamers a nice experience to the franchise as well as some amazing gunslinger mechanics that all can appreciate.

As we saw in the trailer that your decisions will drive the story in different directions and the improved gun mechanics especially when you have to deal with multiple opponents at once with the focus meter. Slowing down time to take out the targets is fine by me. I am also excited about traveling around taking in all the sites as well as dealing with the environmental hazards. This comes to the point where they show the wildlife hazards and I am curious about the hunting aspect of it.

Wonderful Scenary

However, I am more curious about the new online features which will be in beta in the following week after release. Rockstar likes to take the story even further with the nice online features, but I do hope they improve things from the GTA Online front. I know they are not the same game, but I don’t want to worry too much about the “pay to win” practices of that system implemented in RDR 2.

The only saving grace is that it won’t be as chaotic, but I do find it as a fine expected experience if other players try to rob you or chase you down if there is wanted situations in the game. Could you imagine you and your crew rob a town and then they put a hit out on you dead or alive? I would prefer that to be both NPC and PVP experience just in case no players take up the challenge. Running from a Posse is one the joys of being in the old frontier as an outlaw I reckon.

In that get ready for the full release of Red Dead Redemption 2 dropping on October 26, 2018. Get your pre-orders ready and be sure to check out our giveaway happening right now by clicking here for details. – Beast Out

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