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Hey folks! I know I always say it but this time my soon to be catchphrase holds a lot more weight. It has indeed, been awhile. The last post being the Yakuza Kiwami review. But fear not, because my hiatus is for a good reason. Take studying abroad in Japan. Tell me that’s not the best excuse ever! Sure, beats the hell outta “the dog ate my homework.” Throughout my more error in the trials of living in Naha City, I managed to find some pretty sweet gaming spots. So, in the event, you happen to find yourself in Naha City Okinawa and you’re running low on Gamer Fuel, here are a view places you ought to hit up!

Along the ever so crowded “Koukosai Street” lies a pretty sweet spot. Call it a gamers intuition, or just having a keen eye but I found this joint 100% by mistake while looking for a hair salon (which ironically turned out to be across the street). In the fourth floor of one of many building on the strip, lies “Good Game” game bar. I know some of you are probably wondering “wtf is a Game Bar?” The best way I can sum it up, it is a VIP Lounge for gamers. Imagine if the top players on any competitive circuit had a place where they could practice while having drinks and snacks served to them as they did so. It’s games and drinks people. Probably the best clique up since Mountain Dew and Cigarettes.

The atmosphere of Good Games is pretty dope. Large tables, ample space between game setups, comfy seating, dim lighting so there’s no annoying screen glare to interfere in the gaming area just some of the things that make this place feel like a VIP lounge. But that’s not even the best part. There are tons of snacks and infinite refills! What goes better with games than junk food?

So, you’re probably like “Okay they have food and a nice place to chill but what about the games?” I promise you we will get there. But for you, FGC peeps no need to lug your stick or preferred controller from your hotel. Good Game has you covered equipped with sticks, system controllers, Wii Motes, GameCube controllers, the works! They pretty much have every controller under the sun to meet player preferences. So you are completely taken care of! Sure it leaves zero room for gamers to be salty “If I were on a stick I would’ve rocked you! It’s this lame ass controller!” option select we have all been guilty of using at a point in time, but it beats the hell out of bringing your own gear.

And now the games. Any hot on the title that’s being played on a tournament level, or just one versus mode you have access too. Full complete game. Everything from Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2, Tekken 7, KOF14, SF5, SmashBros4, Mario Kart 8, and even Mario Odyssey! Not to mention some exclusive Japanese titles. And check this, the DLC, for the most part, is up to date. King of Fighters, Tekken7 and Smash 4 had all their DLC Characters. Street Fighter V was missing one character but that was about it. So, the games are up to date and if you like more traditional games, they have Jenga, Uno, and cards. But how much will this cost you?

Surely there has got to be some catch like some membership requirement or fee right? Nope, just $5.00 per hour. You come in, they greet you ask you how long you want to play, you pay and they tell you to enjoy your games and infinite refills. For my 20 and over peeps, for $10.00 alcohol is all you can drink for your entire time. Beats the hell out of a tab I can tell you that much. They also have events you can check out their website. There are specific game-based nights for everyone.

Now granted I can speak decent Japanese and was able to make a friend in a matter of minutes. The staff can speak little English but are more than happy to change the games or systems setting to the right language so that you can navigate to them. The people are pretty friendly and overall, there’s a custom rack for those who want to unleash their inner cosplay geek, and I had a 5/5 experience. Plus, the owner hooked me up with snacks before I told him I write for Kzoku. So, if you ever come to Naha and need to game, check out Good Game: Game Bar. I’m sure they will refuel any empty gamer tank.

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