Gate: The Self-Defense Forces Fight Like This in That Place ep. 1 First Impressions


As a geek I always wondered if I ever were in a situation if another parallel fantasy world were to collide with my world. How would it turn out? Because in cinema it seems we are always overthrown by enemies with medieval weaponry and magic, even though we have massive advanced weaponry. If you pit a damn dragon against an Apache Helicopter I think the Dragon would fly off scared out of its mind, but that is the power of writing I guess. Well for Itami who is just a geek wanting to go to a convention for a big deal for his favorite game is encountered by a mysterious Gate that enters his world flooding with demons, dragons and armored swords men just slaughter people. Your priorities are very clear to stop this menace before your convention gets shut down because of it…that is the logical thing to do right?

To Elaborate…

The best escape at times from the real world is to go into our video games and forget the mess with we have to deal with the mundanes’…however battery life doesn’t last that long and soon enough you have to be pulled back to reality. Enter Itami Yoji age 33 who is one of those known geeks that puts his hobbies above everything else, so when his favorite game has a sale going on with fears of the store closing down because of the invasion Itami springs into action. I can sympathize because when someone was choking on a the train and they was about to shut things down while I was on my way to a video game premiere, one good slap to the back got that popcorn out and we were on our way with no problems (stop the train for a sick passenger my ass). Low and behold Itami is actually part of the military and thanks to his efforts in saving the citizens of Ginza he was promoted to Second Lieutenant, but at the cost of losing out Doujinshi sale. That sacrifice was not worth it in his eyes. So the dye has been cast and now humanity is in a new war as they go through the gates to face the enemy on their own turn and that may friends is when sh*t gets real!


Hey Kuma…What you think?

Gate brings in what I call, “Salty and Sweet” factor where they bring a serious tone to a comedy theme in an anime. At times this could be a hit or a miss, but as a first episode Gate kind of tricks me by adding a character I can relate to in a situation I would probably react in the same way. One would think this is just some dumb nerd who miraculously knows how to handle a situation, kill on site and has the ability to convince police officials to do as he says. That was the beauty of the anime I guess, but they could have kept that more of a secret since the intro really gave away that this character was more than your average nerd. In that I found the comedic twist during the awards ceremony how he could care less about the citizens or being promoted, but the fact that he missed out on his precious sale. That is comedic goal and holds a lot of truth in certain circumstances.


You can say taking the moral high ground is a grand gesture, but damn it sometimes we need a bit of “us” time to think about ourselves. Also the fact that the modern world wiped the floor with the mystical world was the best thing I have seen in any sci-fi or anime entertainment. It is usually the other way around where we as the public can’t get our sh*t together to realize that they are facing a weak foe and just scared of the circumstances to gather our wits to defeat the opposition. I mean come on how fast would the battle be over in either a zombie situation or in this case dudes in armor wielding swords if we just calmed down and handled it properly. I bet you a four barrel rocket launcher will get them running real quick all commando style baby!




All and all I can dig it.

Pretty Colors huh?

The animation is quite enjoyable and colorful. I have to say it is pretty intense for something with a simple story, but I dig that the characters come to life very well even in a harsh situation. The mixture of both modern and dark age worlds had to have been a chore to draw out and I can appreciate that. The transition graphics that went on as the military went through the gate with all their armaments was a well tone texture into a bit of 3D animation that only seen in Initial D.


Whats the Bad?

It was just the damn intro that gave away the whole premise of the story from start. I understand that many people probably read the manga already, but there are those that have not. It is a crime that the creators of a series spoil the story own their own.

Final Thought:

Gate Episode 1 is a great start to a comedic, but deadly series and I am looking forward to seeing episode two. It seems the lines have been drawn and the war has started, but the question remains. Why has it come to this in the first place and what is the end goal for the opposition? Gate: The Self-Defense Forces Fight Like This in That Place gets 4 out of 5 paws.  I hope to see you next time as we review episode 2 to hopefully get a clearer picture. Stay frosty!

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3 Responses to Gate: The Self-Defense Forces Fight Like This in That Place ep. 1 First Impressions

  1. Grim says:

    A group of ordinary soldiers, albeit armed to the teeth with modern human weapons(although they are using tanks from the Cold War for some reason), venturing into a land that only an otaku or geek would feel at home in. I like this premise better than the video game otaku trapped inside their favourite game.

    • Kuma Baity says:

      I think they were using the cold war weaponry because of the gates stasis field might have interfered with the more modern tech, but that might be a stretch on my part. The best part is that he is no normal Otaku which I still felt could of been a better hidden surprise.

      • Grim says:

        I agree. I’m getting older so I’m tired with the rather similar themes in a lot of anime these days. I was ready to be put off by Gate when I saw the old fantasy tropes when it start but I was surprised to see it involved the JSDF(so much so I thought it was a recruitment propaganda). Usually the military is portrayed as either too serious or oblivious or has some hidden agenda whenever they appear but in this anime they seem to play, judging by the intro, a major role.

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