Geforce Now Mac Review

Once you go Mac, you can’t go back. Okay, that may be a bit of an extreme, but to be honest, the capability of a Mac always made my professional life easier. Eventually, that blead over into personal computer space. I simply didn’t see a downside of a Mac (for the most part).

The only problem is that a majority of games are made for PC rather than Mac. For a long while, I thought I was out of luck. Seeing as I’m not a hardcore gamer, I couldn’t justify spending money on a PC strictly for gaming.


Luckily, there’s a new workaround.

Nvidia has rolled out a GeForce Now Mac beta. This program lets you play games that are strictly made for Windows on a Mac. It’s a dream come true for someone who doesn’t want to add an entirely separate computer to their home just for gaming. Will the beta do the trick and deliver key gaming essentials. Here’s a breakdown on how it performs along with the equipment that I’m currently using.



Mac: Mac Mini Late 2012 model

Keyboard: Apple Numeric Wired Keyboard

Mouse: Mighty Mouse 2

Monitor: Samsung UE590 LED 4K UHD

Controllers: 8bitdo nes30 pro & Brook Mars wired controller



The graphics and audio are utterly impressive. I’m not saying that in terms of a Mac. PC gamers are surprised how solid the games appear. Colors are vibrant, no pixelation, the surround sound didn’t skip a beat and the lip sync matched up with the audio. Not only do I not have a problem with the graphics/audio of the program, but in fact, I’d call it a major selling point for users.



This is hard for me to break down. When it came to using the keyboard/mouse combo to play a game, no problem. There wasn’t lag, movement felt seamless and I didn’t have much of an issue. Since I used a specific Apple mouse, it did force me to figure out settings in the midst of a game. By no means a deal breaker, just something that you wouldn’t know till you’re in the middle of the game.

An actual controller was a different story. I had a number of issues setting up two controllers. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was operator error more than hardware error. I strongly recommend you use the specific controllers listed on the beta site for now. If not, be prepared to tear your hair out making it work.



Setting up the beta on your Mac is very easy. After you connect the program to your Steam account, you’re ready to go. There is one aspect you need to be aware of before playing. If you want to play a game that’s featured on the GeForce Now program, you can do so once it’s purchased. However, I wanted to play ‘Hello Neighbor’. Since it’s not featured in the GeForce Now gaming selection, I had to re-download it every time in order for it to connect a play.  


As I began writing this article, ‘Hello Neighbor’ has now been added to the library. It pays to constantly check recent additions to the system.

If there’s a hot new game you want to try, you’re probably in luck. The library of games that you can play is pretty decent. You can play a hot new title such as Injustice 2 … or one that’s been out for a while like Friday the 13th The Game. The company says games will be constantly added as the beta is improved. If you don’t see something you like, just have patience. There’s a chance you may have it available down the road.



Except for having issues connecting the controller, which may have been more of my fault instead of the program, I love everything about this setup. The free beta is a great way to get a feel for what true gaming can be on your Mac. Once the first version comes out, there will be some type of monthly service you’ll need to pay for. At the end of the day, it’ll be much cheaper than buying an entire PC. Bottom line, download the GeForce Now Mac beta and try out some free Window exclusive demos on steam. There’s a likely chance that you’ll continue to love your Mac and get lost in a game that was out of reach at one time.



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