God of War’s Latest Video Explains the new Combat System

It came down to a question that I was asked in a discussion a while ago, “How can they improve upon god of war?” Honestly, when we first saw the new graphics and got an idea of the storyline we were already sold, but I guess the developers wanted to seal the deal by giving us a look into the evolution of the combat system. For some that do not know God of War has always been an action hack and slash with some RPG elements thrown in. It made it a great game to get into for some massive destruction against the gods. Since you have killed them all off where were we going to go from there? Norse Gods need a bit of adjustment it seems.

So, here we are one month away from the release of the new God of War title that will come out with a special edition PlayStation 4 Pro, which I plan to obtain and the developers wanted to show off the new combat system that looks amazing.

I am floored by the use of offensive and defensive tactics. I always disliked games that left you vulnerable when throwing away your weapon and in this case, this is freaking Kratos who is a Spartan. Why would he be defenseless without his ax? They answered that by having him throw these hands at enemies without hesitation as well as handing a nifty shield that deals double damage! There will be new combos of course having you utilize your Ax that does ice damage and freezes enemies which you saw you can do a charge and shatter said enemy.

It is clear we are going to get a Fatherly side to Kratos this time around and it will be a nice growth in the story which I hope leads to us being able to play as his son who seems to have some abilities of his own. I just hope he is useful as an A.I companion which I dread in many games that gives us that A.I two-player experience.

God of War releases on April 20th so be sure to check out Play-Asia.com which we are affiliated with to pre-order your copy or the PS4 Pro system as well. I hope enjoyed and please comment below on your favorite God of War experience or game. – Beast Out

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