Grip: Combat Racing Collectors Edition Details Available

What is up gamers, and beastly gamers like myself as I welcome you to this new look at Grip: Combat Racing coming out soon to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam Marketplace. Today I was gifted with a lovely email detailing new information that shifted me into turbo as we get a nice trailer of the drum and bass soundtrack in Grip. Let’s have a listen, shall we?

“Publisher Wired Productions Ltd. and developer Caged Element Inc., have collaborated with renowned London record label, Hospital Records, to pull together a stirring compilation of drum & bass tracks to accompany the rapid racer’s already impressive roster of music.
Full details of all 11 music tracks, plus and a link to the Soundtrack Spotlight YouTube trailer, which features some smooth samples of what players can look forward to hearing in-game, can be found in the press release, below.”

Here is the Track List:

  • Battery x Makoto “Submerge” – Written, arranged and produced by Craig James, Douglas Ramsay and Makoto Shimizu
  • Krakota x Urbandawn “Coyote” – Written, arranged and produced by Sebastian Inwood and Felipe Wrechiski
  • Inja x Pete Cannon “War Games (Instrumental)” – Written by Gareth Hue and Peter Buchanan
  • Krakota “Citadels” – Written, arranged and produced by Sebastian Inwood
  • P.Y “Riding The Void” – Written, arranged and produced by Carlos Lima, Spoken word by Tom Kelsey
  • P.Y “Midnight Blue” – Written, arranged and produced by Carlos Lima
  • Royalston “Diorama” – Written, arranged and produced by Dylan Martin
  • Rawtekk “Restless” – Written by Stefan Westphal and Christine Westphal, Arranged and produced by Stefan Westphal and Christine Westphal, Vocals by Christine Westphal
  • Whiney “Sunday Grunge” – Written, arranged and produced by William Hine
  • Whiney “Talisman”– Written, arranged and produced by William Hine
  • Lynx “Clap Track” – Written, arranged and produced by Steve Nobes

This is a pretty strong soundtrack and from the trailer you can already feel the intensity while flipping, shooting and dodging through each track on all the maps. Now I am curious if you have the option to switch music tracks while racing to catch the right vibe if you know what I mean? This is where we take this corner into Collectors Edition details. So check it! Buyers of the Limited Collector’s Edition will get their hands on a Double Vinyl Soundtrack for your record enthusiast.

WAIT! THERE IS MORE! Kind words from Megan Bean, Head of Business Affairs & Sync, Hospital Records dropping some words,

“We’re excited to have our producers featured on the awesome new GRIP: Combat Racing game.”

Also, the Game Director for GRIP: Combat Racing stated,

“We’re excited to have our producers featured on the awesome new GRIP: Combat Racing game. We’re super excited to have Hospital Records on board, bringing their industry-leading line-up to GRIP: Combat Racing and joining forces with the rest of our great soundtrack roster. We think players will love pumping the huge tunes we’ve got in the game.”

As told Hospital Records also have tracks joining the mix which is already included in the game.

  • Entita “Can’t Wait”
  • Full Kontakt “Cyborg”
  • Full Kontakt “BlackOut”
  • Full Kontakt “Clock Watch”
  • Full Kontakt “Power Train”
  • Full Kontact “The Creeper”
  • Imperium “Cerbera”
  • Kevin Green Lee “GRIP”
  • Mart-E “Boost Empire”
  • Pragmatic “Going Down”
  • Revaux “Solidify”
  • Silence Groove “Reconnect”
  • Xtigma “Crash City”

As we stated early those that obtain the Limited Edition Collectors will be gifted with a Double Vinyl, but you will also have access to the original soundtrack also on CD and MP3 Download which I believe is on that Fancy USB Drive in the shape of the car!


If we were not clear before this LCE of Grip: Combat Racing is fully loaded ready to go out the factory doors hitting that red line for you. Here is the full rundown of what you will gain by obtaining this lovely package!

  • GRIP: Combat Racing – Generous to a fault
  • Double Vinyl + CD Soundtrack + MP3 Download key – Sound’s amazing
  • 3 x 12” double-sided art prints – Art attack
  • Game Manual & Lorebook – Spelling it out for you
  • GRIP USB Drive – In the shape of a GRIP car!
  • Pre-order exclusive DLC (Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit, Vortex Rims and Vehicle Decals) – Nice!
  • GRIP Sick Bag – Blow chunks off cars and into this handy puke pouch if you get dizzy
  • Vehicle Decals – Personalise your own ride!
  • Numbered card of authenticity – Because you’re worth it


If you want to grab one of these lovely items for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC it will run you $100.99 USD and you can only purchase this on the main website. Being that Grip is inspired by the Rollcage games on the PSOne which I am happy to see a return and you will be happy to know that the team has one of the skilled programming veterans Robert Baker. That is a classic for me and opened up a memory of nostalgia. As final details get ready to rock out at 767 mph of high octane, crazy drum, and bass fuel combat racing with GRIP.

In that be sure to check back when Grip: Combat Racing drops November 6th, 2018. – Beast Out

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