Hack the Planet or Die Trying in Satellite Reign

I’ve had my fair share of video game journey’s from the good, the bad and the “Why the Hell did you make this?” This is one of those situations where a game looks promising, but lacks that pull to keep you continuing with the story-line. Satellite Reign is a tactical role-playing game that gives you the same sense of old school Syndicate game, just with better graphics. The problem is that Satellite Reign leaves you in boredom with no real room for improvement.

The Story:

Welcome to your typical Cyber-Punk universe where you control four agents bent on taking down Mega Corporations that are controlling the government as we know. This is the same old song and dance of the Rich getting richer and the poor staying beneath the grit of the city streets. Now the difference in all of this corruption is your own intentions. You could be the one to liberate the people from the grip of the corporate police or take control for your own personal means. It all depends on you in the end and I can respect that. However is it done in the right way for you to even care?

The Good:


Satellite Reign is a beautiful game with little customization with the look of your characters. The Role Playing element is where things get fun as you have four different agents to upgrade as you please. I do enjoy a game that gives you the option of either playing guns blazing or with a bit of tactic to sneak in compounds quietly taking care of the mission. There is the balanced option as well to be the muscle while your hacker goes in to handle things properly. The great advantage you have is the vast open world that you can escape in from your enemies.

Everything and anything can be brought for the right price. The corruption in this game is definitely enjoyable whereas instead of hacking systems; you can pay your way. The fact that I hacked nearly all the ATM’s helped out this situation a lot. I could literally just chill in the background and wait for the money I needed to accumulate before going on a mission.

The Bad:


I’ve never been so bored in my life and I sat through six hour game of Monopoly. I am sorry, but what you are lacking here is originality and some suspense with a good story. There is hardly any dialogue to keep me going. I have played Shadowrun, Disgaea which is more animated, but has a better fun factor. Satellite Reign is a bit too redundant having you going back and forth to the same areas that you have infiltrate or taken over. The back peddling can lose most gamers, especially those you want to get into Tactical RPG’s. I am not going to lie to you and say I am a seasoned veteran, because I was bored rather quickly.

The combat becomes tiring in the beginning which is okay, because your team is low level. That is forgiven until you get higher ranked with more abilities and still the same touch and go tactics. You go into cover and your agents will engage combat respectfully, but it gets too slow even if it is a faster game mechanic where you can move your team at will for better cover. There are times where combat will become glitched and your agents will end their attack or the enemy will be stuck. There are times when I’ve unlocked abilities that did not work at all. An example when I had my soldier unlock the hardwire ability, but had to reset the game for it to work properly. There was way too much of that going around where I had to reset or reload a checkpoint in order to advance.

Without a grounded reason you tend not to care! I am saying this because I had to go deep into finding out the story-line to see exactly what I am fighting for. Now I did mention you have a choice either to liberate the people or take over the power for yourself, but I hardly saw a reason to do anything. The people didn’t seem to be in siege or punished where it makes you look like the real villain. I was expecting some form of riots or chaos throughout my journey, but random run in with some pissed off pedestrian was not enough to scream revolution. This game had the potential to do a lot more than what it promised. Even with the occasional mega bot battle I was still in a flux of boredom. Where is the motivation?



Satellite Reign gets a 3 out of 5 and after over five days of playing, I can’t believe I got that far into it before I just could not take it anymore. There are many other games of this genre would make a better choice to suit your needs in a Tactical RPG, but Satellite Reign needs a lot of work. I hope there will be a patch in the future, but even with that to fix some of the glitches it still falls short on amusement. I recommend Shadowrun who just recently got an update to a new story-mode. Stay frosty gamers!

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