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Stand by soldiers as we dive into this review of Titanfall 2 with guest reviewer BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ who will be taking us on this future combat tour. Now if you remember my Titanfall 1 review with Seph_Dean way back we had a great time, but it seemed the fun was short lived due to some things that we felt that could have been improved. Now that Titanfall 2 has been released, I was quite curious about the changes but wanted a different perspective from a gamer that is a veteran FPS pro. I trust BLaZeD opinion when it comes to first person shooters and a special shout out to Newworldshogun for providing the game to BLaZeD for the review.



The improved storyline from the previous game which gave players a better connection to both pilot and titan. Multiplayer is fast paced and the weaponry has the best hit detection known to first person shooters. The environments are amazing to look at and an abundance to customization with pilot, titans, and weaponry keeps things unique. Also the added bonus of free DLC to all players.



Apparently, the EA servers need some work and of course cracking down on those few gamers that try to cause ping issues on the servers to cheat. There could be more destructive environments, but that is a personal preference. The downtime to set up your character and view your rewards happens to quick for gamers to bask or fix their set up. Also, it would be nice to be able to easily delete your server you created for matches.


Titanfall 2 is worth the price tag of $59.99 being a solid FPS title and the added bonus of free DLC to all. Respawn Entertainment knows how to treat their customers and I am hoping this second title in the series succeeds. Again, special shoutout to Newworldshogun for making this review possible and BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ for conducting the review. Please be sure to follow these two on twitter and check out BLaZeD on Twitch.tv/BLaZeD_MaNiAc_.

I hope to see you next time as we will have a review for Gears of War 4 featuring our new writer. Stay frosty gamers!

Final Rating: 4 Paws out of 5


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