Hands on with Miasma Caves at Play NYC

Greetings adventurers all, it is I the Beast who is a gamer named Kuma here with Adam from Windy Games giving us a hands-on experience with their new exploration survival game Miasma Caves. You play as a Dragon Humanoid explorer named Lesath who is taking on the task to help out her village while living up to her parents legacy. In that, we have a great video for you all to check out as we interview Adam and their game. Please enjoy.

“Miasma Caves is an experience focused on exploration and discovery. The story follows Lesath, a bookish dragon girl who has taken up the family business of treasure hunting to help reinvigorate her village, Radiant Ridge. As Lesath, you venture into the caves, looking for treasures while avoiding the natural environmental dangers. There are many secrets hidden in the caves and treasures that you can appraise to learn about the lore of the treasure and the world. A day of adventuring ends with you bringing back your treasures to town to sell so you can resupply, upgrade the village, and catch up with the locals before you head back to the caves to get even deeper!”

Being that the game was in Alpha it worked quite well and switching between first person and 3rd was quite fluid. I understood what Adam meant about switching the views because you will need to get a closer look at what you are excavating. There are a lot of features that you need to pay attention too especially when it comes to using your equipment and upgrades, especially if you break your pick ax you still have the option to dig with your hands, but it is at a slower pace.

This is more of a relaxed exploration game with not much of an enemy opposition which is fine. There will be some slime creatures that will be a minor nuisance which you will have to be careful as they will try and eat the treasures that you find. It was only a seven-minute demo, but it was pretty good, however, I didn’t get to use the gamepad which didn’t respond and I was informed of that so not that big of a deal. I just hope it will be full control support when it drops.

Right now the early access is not complete as of yet, but be sure to put this on your wishlist and check out our website for a future review. – Beast Out

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