Hideki Kamiya Wants to Bring Back Viewtiful Joe

I am not going to lie to you gamers that I wish some games would make a comeback and honestly stumbling upon an interview of Hideki Kamiya wanting to bring back a few game characters for the new consoles and do a crossover. I spotted the original article on Silocronera’s site. Not just Viewtiful Joe was mentioned but also he wants to do a DMC remake and a Crossover for Dante and Bayonetta.

“I’d like to work on the remake of DMC, Beautiful Joe and the legitimate sequel of Ogami.The co-fight between Dante and Bayonetta may be interesting, as Capcom, like me, Hold your head down together … Everybody lowered their heads together! ” – Kamiya Hideki


A few months back we saw a battle on Death Battle showing off a versus match between Dante and Bayonetta. That sparked the idea of the “What if” scenario between gamers wanting to see a team-up between the two. I believe they would make a great pair being that both are strong demon hunters and it would be a cool transition from enemies to allies as the confusion on whose side they would be on when they first meet.

The one thing I do not agree with is another remake of Devil May Cry. I may have been the few in this, but I enjoyed the reboot with DMC and showed a better Dante in my opinion. I felt the horror element was done a lot better and the combat which felt smoother than any DMC I’ve ever played. I never liked the cheesy Dante from the past in the first place.

Viewtiful Joe has always been a game that gave you a great adventure with unique characters and a fun character with amazing powers. Between shifting from Slow to Super Speed was a great talent that gave you an opportunity for strategy against enemies. Sadly the only other time you could play as Viewtiful Joe is in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. But, if Hideki starts a Kickstarter and gets the rights to fund this great idea I would not hesitate to be a backer.

Anyone else wants to share their thoughts on this possibility? Please comment below, looking forward to reading your thoughts. – Beast Out

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  1. KY Donis says:

    another veautiful Joe game will be amazing

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