Hori Fighting Stick Mini Review

Ask any Gamer or rather any Fighting Games player what kind of fight stick they use and they will give you their own personal preference. What I’ve witnessed is many that tell some newcomers the more high-end sticks out there that are more on the Exotic or Muscle Car side of fight sticks. I feel that some need to start off small before they go big. This is just a personal thought, but if you have the means go all out, but for those that want a starter stick then keep reading!

Gamers all this is the Hori Fighting stick Mini for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game consoles. This handy stick comes with all the bells and whistles for a simple experience. It is just a flick of the switch on the top to move between PS3 to PS4 or vice versa. It is lightweight with your eight face buttons. I have something better for you gamers out there with a video that dives into a live demonstration.

It is a nice device and quite comfortable to use. It is a good travel size stick not taking up to much room, but take care in packing it because it seems the stick cannot be removed. As I also stated there seems to be some input lag or I might not be pressing hard enough. Keep in mind that I am considered a beast so I am a bit fearful of pressing too hard and breaking the stick since I am heavy handed. However and excuse my wording, I gave it a good smashing and even the Hulk would approve.

The downside that I am learning with many fight sticks is there is no mic support slot. I know many people probably use wireless headsets or Bluetooth headsets, but for people like myself that utilize my computer with remote play. I would like to be able to use that with my Yeti mic and streaming program Streamlabs, but that is another thing I want to mention is that it is not compatible remote play. It states it is Officially licensed by SCEA, but it is not recognized as such through the program. Come on Sony, remote play is awesome so let me use my controllers freely!


I dig the Hori Fighting Stick mini and I am learning to be better at the fighting games I have on both consoles. This is especially good on my old titles like Darkstalkers Resurrection, you know when fighting games were technical instead of made causal. You can grab this stick for $49.99 and as I stated it is a good starter stick that you should check out. I give it 4 paws out of 5.

I hope you enjoyed this review and please be sure to check out the stores I personally support JnL Game as well as Video Games NY┬áif you want a custom fighting stick. Check them out for your fighting stick needs and in that please subscribe to us by adding your email address to stay updated. – Beast Out


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