Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Now Available

The Humble bundle has been a great service for a long time, especially to the PC community. I was wondering when the console market was going to hit and luckily this is the second time PlayStation has been involved. So far, it seems they are succeeding and I hope Xbox and Nintendo will follow behind. For now, the spotlight is on PlayStation for giving games an opportunity to grab a nice bundle of games for a reasonable price and help a cause at the same time.

THQ Nordic has cooperated with PlayStation and Humble Bunde to bring the (*drumroll*) Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle to, making this the second time PSN games are available in a Humble Bundle. It includes THQ Nordic games for PS3 and PS4 (SIEA PSN regions only) worth more than $334, which will be available here from 11 a.m. PT on April 4, 2017 until 11 a.m. PT on April 18, 2017:

There are three different tiers in participating in the humble bundles as always. You can spend anything pass a dollar amount to start things off. The more you donate the more you can obtain and to start off with just a dollar you will acquire these four titles.

If you are feeling good, you can move up and pay $11.50 or more to get both Dollar and this below.

If you are really feeling nuts and maybe want to share the wealth with others, you can go all out and pay $15.50 or more to get tier 1, tier 2 and the final form of Tier 3 below.

All that treasure for a little over fifteen dollars? Oh, I will definitely do this and the good news is you have enough time until the 18th of April, 2017 to get on board. All humble bundle purchases are donated to the Hand in Hand International and Other Charities. Also when you do purchase with the humble bundle you can decide how the money is split up either all to the charity or a portion to THQ Nordic. It is all in your hands and I like knowing that I can choose that vs. other charity organizations.



Thank you all for checking out this latest post and be sure to support humble bundle. They do more than video games as of late there is also music and books. Definitely, check them and be sure to check back for a special future giveaway on a particular game that is releasing this month! – Beast Out

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