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Famitsu just released information of an online multi-player version of Dragon’s Dogma which is great news and the best news is that it is going to released sometime this year. However it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. The news gets even worse when they announced that it will be exclusive to Japan, but I believe in the power of the fans and of course a prophet. I think Capcom will decide to release it to the world, because Dragon’s Dogma is a great title and the only thing it was lacking was proper online support. You had the option to trade your companions with other players, but I would have rather play with my friends then lend out my sidekicks.


I can’t wait until more information is released on this title, but you can count on a full detail when it becomes available. Stay frosty gamers!


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One Response to Information on Dragon’s Dogma Online

  1. Joel Hills says:

    Was feeling the commercial until we arrived at the end:

    “Become a super SIGH-IN!”

    No, no, no. Must be my ears. I didn’t hear it correctly. Let’s roll that one back, shall we.

    “Become a super SAI-INN!”

    Nope, I heard correctly… How in the blue smurf do you get the name of the race wrong? And WHO let that one slip past? Seriously, it may seem like a small nit-pic but those type of things add up and the next thing you know we end up with Dragonball: Evolution for the Xbox Kinect! Urgh! Otherwise, the gaming looks tight and if I had a Xbox I would make this a definite borrow or rental and a buy depending. Good find, Kuma!


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