You Know a Prequel on Bunta Fujiwara in Initial D is a Great Idea

Bunta Fujiwara is the father of Takumi in Initial D, the now legendary drift racer of Project D. It was an amazing story to tell. He was just a kid delivering tofu up the Akina mountain pass late at night for his father. What he didn’t know that he was being trained to be a drift racer. It took great speed and precision for him to deliver that tofu on time, but Takumi had no knowledge of cars before he met his racing school buddies of the Akina Speed Stars. Throughout the series, there have been hints dropped off the famous Bunta and his past career as a street racer; until one episode when we finally see the legend in action.

Start Your Engines!

This scene blew my mind and made me want to see more of this badass behind the same Trueno he had when he was Takumi’s age. The series continues to improve when we finally get the face-off we all wanted Stage 2. The day that father versus son went face to face in a race, as Bunta got himself into a Subaru Impreza. That blue demon is a fine piece of machine. It looked as if Bunta wanted to push his son to the next level by showing him other cars besides the AE 86 (also known as the Corolla.)

All I really want is a prequel to the Initial D series. I want to see the early years of formula drift, probably the 80’s, when the Trueno was fresh at the factory and Bunta was learning to tune the car properly.

I’m sure I’m not alone here. It has been done many times before in other animes with flashbacks, but we didn’t even get that. It leaves me wondering how aggressive it was back in Bunta’s time, and if he was perfect from the start. Did he have a mentor to show him the ropes of drifting? How did he first discover it? I want to see the rivals of his time. Did he travel abroad to other racing areas? There is a lot to Fujiwara that some of us were guessing during the series. Especially when certain professional racing friends of his contacted him, having heard a black and white car was drifting again. That means we have a serious legend to rediscover.



In that, I bid you all a happy Thursday! Hopefully, the developers of Initial D will read this post and take this into consideration. I love the series and its direction, but origin would be epic.

Stay frosty!

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