Injustice 2 DLC Follow up

What’s up, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s ShadowJin back again and this time I want to do a little bit of a follow-up on the DLC characters in the first of three packs to come out for Injustice 2. The first pack of fighters contains Red Hood, Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and as well as Starfire. Each of these characters are really fun to play with and add some new ways to deal with opponents. The first one to come out was Red Hood who has his twin pistols blazing, the second is none other than the deadly Lin Kuei Master Sub-Zero and, last but not least following his release is the lovely fellow Teen Titan, Starfire. The gear for these characters is pretty cool. Some of the shaders are sweet Easter egg nods to other characters. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the intros are definitely worth watching! The first character I’m going to talk about is Red Hood.

Red Hood has been quite popular with fans and they’ve wanted to see him make an appearance in the Injustice series. Well, Ed Boon heard the fans and brought him in the fighting game world. Red Hood comes equipped with gadgets and twin pistols that can also be used to give opponents an electrifying shock. With Red Hood’s playstyle, you can zone and set up traps for your enemies which makes it harder for them to get in your face. I enjoyed playing with him and learning how he plays. Even though he’s more so used for distancing himself from the opponent, he can hold his own up close and personal with the use of his traits and combos. Red Hood’s trait allows him to electrify his guns and use them as sort of electric baton but, instead, the batons are guns. If that makes any sense I guess. They allow him the put together some interesting strings and do some decent damage. Red Hood is pretty fun but, if you want to get up close and personal, he might not be the one for you. The Lin Kuei Master might do the trick for you then.

If you thought for one second that maybe Ed Boon might not put a Mortal Kombat character in Injustice 2, then oh man were you wrong. Sub-Zero makes a grand entrance in the series but, this time with a more comic book look and it suits him very well. Now although there are other characters with freezing abilities, Sub-Zero is very different in a way. His regular freeze ball projectile actually does not freeze on hit. Instead, it goes through other projectiles. In order to make it freeze the opponent, you have to meter burn aka EX the move. His signature slide also makes an appearance and can be used to gain space on an opponent or it can be used at the end of a combo. Sub-Zero’s playstyle allows him to be defensive and a rushdown character as well. The reason why I saw that is because his trait gives him the ability to create ice clones of himself. This stops and freezes the opponent if they touch it. The other cool part is he actually throws the clone at the opponent, which shatters on hit causing a knockdown. Another cool thing about it is if you meter burn his trait, he will make an ice clone and then make another as he flips backward. Sub-Zero is also one of the few characters who has shaders (color schemes) that represent the different ninjas from the Mortal Kombat series. That’s right he can rock purple, red, green, yellow and black to look like the other ninjas. I see what you did there Ed! However, if you’re looking for a character that’s very versatile then Sub-Zero might not cut it. That’s where the Tamaran princess comes in!

Starfire was another character that fans kept asking to be put in the Injustice series. Luckily, she made her way into Injustice 2 and she is no slouch at all! Starfire feels like an all-around character. She has projectiles that allow her to zone her opponents out and she also does a decent amount of damage when she gets in your face. Starfire’s trait allows her to shoot a beam that goes full screen from her hands. If you meter burn her trait, the beam will cause a hard knockdown. From the time that I spent playing her I was able to find some things that really work for her playstyle. The only setback for her is that her health is actually low. Therefore, she can deal the damage but, isn’t very good at taking it. A lot of her special moves revolve around her project beams. As for her shaders, Starfire has some really cool ones the change how she glows. She’s also one of those characters who has a shader that reference’s another character. That character being her sister Blackfire!

Granted this is only the first of three fighter packs coming out, it has some very well put together characters. Not only do they show that they can hang with the rest of the cast, they show that they actually fit in the game. For me that’s a big thing when it comes to DLC characters or even guest characters. The Netherrealm Studios team did a great job putting these characters together from the ground up and delivering great content. If you thought it couldn’t get any crazier the next pack of fighters coming is insane! The next set of 3 characters are Black Manta, Raiden from Mortal Kombat and, Hellboy! Black Manta is available now to those who purchased the fighter pack 2 or the Ultimate edition. As for people who want just Black Manta, he’ll be available for purchase soon. Thank you everyone for joining me once again for this follow up. ShadowJin here signing out an remember gamers…….. GAME ON!

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