Introductory Guide to MOBAS: Which One Is Right For You.

Hey guys, I’m here today to give an introduction to MOBAs for anyone who is new to them and wants to know which one might be right for them. MOBA which also stands for “Massive Online Battle Arena” has blown up in the e-sports scene as one of the top tier  competitive games on the market. The reason for this is that these games are very PvP (Player vs Player) focused, which revolve around teamplay, response time, and wise decision making.  Furthermore, these games can become more in-depth and customizable with the unique mechanics to each character and item/talent builds. Now let’s find out which MOBA suits you perfectly. For each MOBA,  I will provide a description as well as a rubric on things for new players to consider..


League of Legends


League of Legends is known as the highest played MOBA worldwide. With huge paid tournaments, League has shown the world how competitive games can become. If you are new to the MOBA scene, do not be intimidated if you think you will not be good enough. League also caters to a huge casual base matching even within their ranked population. Various game modes include 3v3, 5v5, Point Capture, and an All Random – All Mid mode where 5v5 battle takes place in one lane with all random champions.  A game mechanic that is different from the other competitive MOBAs is that League allows you to create rune pages which you can socket to increase your base stats at the start of the game. You can also design talent pages, which further enhance the role you seek to play. Just like in any other MOBA, the rolls are usually Tank, DPS, Support. So make sure you try out different characters to find out what your playstyle is. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your champ for a while. Every single champion in League has their own unique playstyle so you’ll eventually find one you click with.


I would recommend fighting against A.I. bots (computer controlled characters) first if you are new, so you can get the feel for movement and knowing how to build your character as well as knowing your way around the different maps. When you start playing games against real players, be aware of toxic players as they do exist in every MOBA community. Champions are somewhat fairly easy to obtain if you regularly play. Each game will grant you IP (influence points), which is a currency you can use to purchase different champions and runes. League offers a first win of the day bonus and grouping with teammates also gives additional IP , which is always nice. Keep practicing, and it won’t be long until you get ahold of everything.


Learning Curve: Moderate


Champion Selection: 126


Heroes of the Storm



Heroes of the Storm is a fairly new MOBA from Blizzard Entertainment. So far it is climbing the ranks in the MOBA world. Heroes is different from the other MOBAs though. You do not earn gold or buy gear to strengthen your character. Instead you choose and pick talents that further enhance the abilities of your hero. In games such as League or Dota 2, usually a damage dealer can “carry”, meaning they can take on multiple people. However,in Heroes of the Storm, teamwork is the only way to win. Currently with the 8 maps and soon to be 9, teams must fight and work together while still organizing and focusing on objectives unique to each map.. These objectives give huge advantages across the board in the battle.

heroes 2

Games are rather quick, but grinding gold for new champions can be a little tedious, although Blizzard is implementing more ways to earn gold. If you are interested in ranked play, you will find the system rather similar to how Starcraft 2 works. You climb the ranks from 50 to 1, and then hit the grandmaster tier where it holds the top 1% of the ranked competitors. I will advise that you will have higher chances of success if you que up with some form of partner or team premade.


Learning Curve: Easy


Hero Selection: 39


Dota 2


dota2 banner

Dota was the first to create the MOBA genre. Its legacy dates back to a Warcraft 3 mod called Defense of the Ancients (its current name today). This is a very difficult game for new players as it demands more strategy than just simply laning and farming. It includes a mechanics that allow you to  “deny” creeps from the enemy players, cutting off their gold and xp (experience) gain.. This takes very good timing as it won’t be easy at first. You have the ability to use a courier to bring you items you already purchased at base without having to ever go back. This can be handy, but you need to learn how to be quickly enter the key commands. Secret Shops are located in the middle of the maps to buy and build more expensive gear, so ganking can really be dangerous or very beneficial to do. Unlike other MOBAs, when you die in battle, you will lose gold to the enemy player who killed you. Top tier ranks can get very intense with this mechanic compared to other MOBAS so if you really want to get into Dota 2, it will take tons of practice.


With the new Dota 2 “Reborn” model, custom maps have been introduced as well as a whole new look and feel to the game. The awesome thing that Dota 2 has that none of its competitors have is that all the champions from the start are all free to play. Every time you level, you also have a chance to get free vanity pieces for random champions. So play whoever you feel comfortable with, and maybe try out the different game modes at 5v5 that put the game in certain conditions to make it unique.


Learning Curve: Hard


Hero Selection: 112




smite 3

Smite is still fresh on the market as a MOBA, but it is climbing up with the top contenders in popularity. Smite offers a unique perspective on the MOBA genre. Literally, the camera is third-person MMO style, allowing you to use your WASD keys to move instead of point and click like the other MOBAs. Just like other MOBAs, you buy gear and farm to build your god. Smite includes maps just like League with 3v3, 5v5, ARAM, and even a 5v5 arena.

smite 1

For ranked,this game offers 1v1 for max levels who really want to show their dueling prowess. Gods are fairly easy to buy with playing games and finishing the daily events. Smite also offers something nice for people who want to spend a little extra money. You can purchase their Ultimate God Pack for $29.99 to unlock all current gods and future gods that come out. This is a great game to try if you are looking for a different twist on the traditional MOBA.


Learning Curve: Moderate


God Selection: 68


My advice? After helping friends who were new to MOBA’s, I will share a couple tips to help you guys out. I have heard this many times from new people and I know it sucks but try to practice and learn the game without camera lock. This can really hinder the true potential of a MOBA player by limiting their awareness on the map. MOBA’s can be sometimes be stressful due to how fast the game and action can escalate. Try and stay focused and keep note on your mistakes so you can try and better yourself the next game you play. Learn one champ at a time until you feel comfortable enough to expand your horizon of your hero/champion select.  I suggest give all of these games a try and see which one you like best. Each of these games have a player-base huge enough where MOBAs are based on preference. Competitive or casual, they all offer something for everyone.


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