It’s Time for a Black Panther Game

Shout out to Ed Boon (Even though he will not read this post) on making me think outside the box on this one since he inspired this post with his tweet. I will never say something can’t be done when it comes to video games. If the money is right it shall happen, but I believe he is trolling which was shown in the latest tweet that I will show below.

He even had a voting system in place, but Ed on some real talk you need to get Spawn in Injustice 2, but I am not sure if he is still tied with Namco since he was in Soul Calibur 2. Anyway, this topic made me think about something far more superior than just adding him as an extra fighter. You see I have been wishing for certain comic book characters to get their own games for the longest time, but I never thought about Black Panther until I saw his skills in Civil War that really shine. I noticed that there has been a lack of numerous Marvel Hero games outside of the newest one of Spider-man soon to be released. I mean yes the Lego Marvel games are amazing too, but not really what I am personally looking for We have seen Daredevil, Agents of Shield, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, but nothing for them. I know you can always play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, but that’s not enough.

I enjoyed Captain America which wasn’t a big hit, but still fun and the wolverine origins game. Now that the hype is strong for Black Panther, it is time for him to get his own game with its own unique story that they can utilize from any comic book as well as use cameos and a huge list of villains.

But Kuma, who would Make it?

I am so glad you asked random person reading. I am a huge fan of Rocksteady’s take on the Batman Arkham series which had amazing combat and a rich dark story. I am mostly looking at their game mechanics that had the best combat system that I always enjoyed. Since the Wakada King has some high tech equipment and special abilities it would be a nice take on him traveling around saving his country or the world while cameos of the Avengers show up from time to time.

The action and martial arts would need some top tier motion capture to give you the essence of playing as T’Challa wielding the Panther Suit. There would be an Armor gauge because as most do not know the suit is nearly invulnerable and as it absorbs energy from gunfire or impacts it will discharge said energy with a blast. That can be used as a weakness too that makes you vulnerable to attack. There will be a combo system that you can rack up energy to use that will make your attacks stronger.

You know Kuma this will not happen!

I will disagree on the possibility of this not coming to light, but I know it is a long shot since something would have been announced by now or maybe the industry wants to see where this will go. All I know is I think people are ready for more superhero games. I already know that a rumor is going around that Rocksteady is currently working on a Superman title which I say good luck to them. At this point, I want to read your thoughts on this subject. What would you want to see in a Black Panther gamer? Who would you like to see make the game?

I hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out Black Panther this weekend or whenever you feel like it. – Beast Out

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