Jump Force Expands with New Characters from Naruto Universe

Okay, all my Shonen Jump fans! This post especially for you… or for anyone who is excited about the Jump Force Fighting game. Ever since it was announced at E3, a wave of middle and high school nostalgia hit my brain. Back in the day, I am obsessed with many Shonen Jump anime and manga. Although my love for Shonen Jump hasn’t dwindled at all, I took the time to hit up the local Jump Station while in Japan.  One of which being the infamous Naruto! While I don’t share the same sentiment when it comes to the spin-off series about his (extremely unlikeable) son Boruto I am thrilled about Jump Force adding more Naruto characters to the mix! Jump Force will be expanding their roaster with characters from Naruto… and Boruto.

Hidden Leaf Invades Jump Force

Jump Force celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of Japan’s most influential weekly magazine Shonen Jump. Bringing together characters from many of the manga featured in Shonen Jump over the years, this game is defiantly going to be an action-packed, salty run back, broken to hell fighter that will have fans getting together to settle the age-old “Who would beat who?” With Naruto being one of the more popular titles on the roaster, a character expansion for the series is natural. My favorite Naruto character Gaara will be added to the mix, as well as Boruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, and Kaguya Otsutsuki will be joining the roaster! Personally, I hope Gaara is as broken as he’s been in past Naturo Ultimate Ninja Storm games. But only time will tell which characters will make the day one tournament bands.

For years Shonen Jump has provided millions of otaku and anime lovers around the globe with entertainment. So having all their big stars get together for an ultimate showdown is an excellent way to celebrate 50 years of actions, plot twists, heartbreaks, and endings.  Jump Forces hits PSN XBL and Steam next month on February 15 but for all you hardcore Jump fans; if you pre-order Jump Force Ultimate Edition, your loyalty will be rewarded with 3 days early access. That’s right those with the Ultimate Edition get to play starting on the 12th of February 2019! So either get your early access on or mark your calendars for the 15th of next month!


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