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You know when I was a young kid I was fascinated by the “What If” style comic books that would show you an alternate story to our favorite heroes. The same thing with DC and their line of comic where what if Superman landed in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville or the alternate timeline of What if Bruce was killed instead of his parents. That is the beauty of comic books being that they can take fantasy to different levels to give out a different perspective. DC Comics latest movie gives us that alternate timeline where are heroes are seen as monster, not because of their appearance, more on the lines of their methods in dealing justice. Welcome to this review that will take us down an alternate dark path.

The Story:


The majority of the populous knows the origin stories of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman each coming from some sort of background that molds them into the heroes that we know. Well throw all of that out of the window as we have alternate versions starting with Superman who still comes from Krypton, but instead of Jor-El implanting his DNA into the pod, it was interrupted by General Zod. Since Krypton was dying and General Zod felt his seed would be better suited for the cosmos. Low and behold Kal’s…oops I mean Zod’s pod lands in Mexico and yet he still becomes a hero for the world with brutal methods. Honestly it was only fitting he took Zod’s name since the information was corrupted giving him the impression his father was a savior. Let’s move on to Batman who is more than just a cape and cowl, but no Bruce Wayne. This time the Man Bat, becomes the Dark Knight with the added addition of Vampiric powers. It didn’t shape him into a total Man Bat, but he does have the horrible thirst and all the strength behind it.

Sword for your Love

Yes, this Batman is a killer, but he only partakes on the blood of criminals. Does that make it right? Many would say no, but how I see it saves tax payers money on court dates. Now we have Wonder Woman a.k.a Bekka who is not from the Amazon island of Themyscira, but the daughter of the Highfather on Apokolips where in this reality he is the mad dictator who overthrows Darkseid during a marriage between Orion and Bekka. It was a harsh turn of events that led her to leave Apokolips after the death of her husband to become the savior on Earth thanks to recruitment of Superman Zod. This dark Justice league has a tough time crossing the lines of Hero and Enforcer, but things are about to get tougher as a new threat puts them in a tough bind.

The Good:


I am a big fan of the anti-hero style characters where they go slightly above the law to get the job done even if it means that the enemy has to die. It is quite obvious not to keep an enemy breathing for too long because they will never learn and keep coming back to start more villainy. However they went full on blood fest in this animated movie more than I could imagine. Between Batman piercing through enemies chest and then feasting on their necks I was in shock. Wonder Woman fully taking use of her sword play chopping down enemies and Superman with his heat vision just making BBQ out of the opposition was well played.


There is a level of sincerity that you have to appreciate between the three which all live harsh lives. I mean granted that they are all powerful, but they still thread lightly on their own powers at times. The one that stood out the most of Batman because he was a bit more endearing with his love for his friend Tina and trying to find a cure for his condition. He did turn something horrible as a gift to save those in need, but I guess the hunger would eventually take over and then what? He may not be the Bruce Wayne we all know, but I favored this Batman a lot more.

The Voice acting was amazing with the talents of Michael C. Hall (Batman), Benjamin Bratt (Superman) and Tamara Taylor (Wonder Woman) all great choices. Other supporting roles from Dr. Will Magnus played by C. Thomas Howell, Lois Lane played by Paget Brewster and Lex Luther played by Jason Isaacs all played their parts well. I always dig a Lois Lane in any universe with a furious temper who does not care what powers you have. Lois will be all in your face without a care in the world and the fact that this Superman didn’t care too much for her by stating, “What a Bit*h!” after finally having a discussion was brilliant.




The main villain being Dr. Magnus was a nice touch and that plot twist being that he was the reason why Batman became a Vampire in the first place was an amazing touch. The jealousy of the relationship between his girlfriend Tina and Curt was expected. It was seen early on, but you would never have suspected that he would go to that length to get back at Curt. The frame up job on the league was also a fun jolt being that he was trying to believe in his own good intentions in mind controlling the populous so no more violence will ever happen. That story shocker of Tina actually being dead and his wife now is just a cyborg blew my mind. However when platinum revealed herself, why did they keep her nipples on there? That was weird like her boobs was not enough to show she was a woman (laughs).

In the end it all came full circle and even after Superman Zod discovered the truth about his father, he still wanted to be a hero. I think that part of the DNA comes from his mother and I am glad that it was the dominate gene.


The Bad:


Justice League: Gods and Monsters left me with many questions. First off I get the twist origin of Superman which still fits because he could of been Kal-El instead of Zod, but what about this worlds Bruce Wayne and Diana? I don’t see a reason why they still would not exist either as Owl Man or SuperWoman in some sense, but then again the other heroes were just regular humans as well. If that is the case this world would still have some form of Bruce Wayne somewhere. I mean granted they could be lingering around somewhere as regular people or they could be super villains and just are not in the fight as of right now.




Justice League: Gods and Monsters take a concept of our everyday heroes and put a dark spin in the right direction. Out of all the DC comic animated movies recently this one was not rushed at all. I found it well paced giving enough room to tell the story of each character taking on the persona of the three guardians. The fact that DC granted us teasers for the three before the movie set the tone perfectly for the movie. I did favor this Superman Zod vs. Clark since he had more of the badass role which is somewhat needed in certain situations. However his combat ability still seems the same. I didn’t favor Bekka/Wonder Woman too much even though she reminded me a bit of Big Barda a bit, but there was no reason why she would have that whole Woman empowering persona like Wonder Woman. I know it is a different world and she is nothing like WW, but Superman Zod still is from Krypton and Curt still has some times with the Batman persona in a way. You can still relate those characters while Bekka doesn’t have the Amazon connection.


In the end it was a fun movie to watch and was filled with nice surprises and W.T.F moments. JL: Gods and Monsters receive 4 out of 5 paws. That’s that folks and I do hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to add your e-mail to the subscribe area to your right. Also be sure to click on the images below the page to visit our friends at VG Tidbits and That Girls Site. Stay frosty!

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