Keep Your Backwards Compatibility, I am Done

I am finally fed up with the desire of backwards compatibility, remakes and returns of old titles. I am just fed up, because the art form known as video games has been becoming a soulless mess for a while now. Where did the imagination go? Where was the choice of creativity? Where is the originality at? See I am way passed mad and for good reason since it feels that some developers are not even trying to be creative anymore. This came about with the recent events as I was talking with a few gamers about Konami’s decision and how other video games feel like a let down at times.

The passed weekend I teamed up with Easy Logic doing a podcast video about how Konami is not doing the right thing, however it morphed into something more. Recent events from the PlayStation Experience kind of threw me off with the PlayStation Now being pushed and PS2 digital games ported to PS4 with rendered graphics and a trophy system. Whoopie Freaking Doo!

This is a direct quote from Emochi after I posted a particular meme asking,

If you can take any game from the past and have it re-made with today’s graphics. What game would it be?

Emochi answered, “None, stop remaking shit. Video game companies need to come up with a creative storyline that isn’t reused and abused to death.

Honestly I felt a certain way at first being that it was a fun question and should not be thought so seriously.


But then it hit me like a freight train that dammit she has a freaking point. I have discussed this many times in different ways not too long again asking, Where are the Platforms?” and again in my review for PlayStation Now. I mean, where is the imagination and creativity in video games anymore? Do I really need to just rely on Nintendo to provide me with something other than FPS or the rehashed RPG like Fall-Rim 4? Also mind you that half the time these game are not even freaking finished to the point where you feel as if you are playing an alpha.

Okay let me get back on track now. Recently Sony released some PS2 games on the PS4. For some reason, some people thought that they would be able to play their PS2 games on the PS4, and I have to admit that is silly, but not as silly as me re-buying the SAME DAMN GAMES I ALREADY OWN ON THE PS3! (calms down) Yes, the graphics are upgraded  with an added trophy system, but in reality I do not care. I would rather just logically be able to re-download the games that were already purchased in the PlayStation store that was made separate between the PS3 and PS4.

I would have assumed that you would work some voucher in there somehow since I already brought The Mark of Kri for the second time and I will be damned if I am going do that a third time. This is also said to the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII remake, which at this point begs the question: Do we really need it? Okay I know I will get lynched for bringing that up, but let me ask you this: How many times are you going to buy the old version until the remake finally comes out? I know many in our gamer community that own the game for the original PS1, re-brought it on the PS3, re-re-brought it again on the PC and now re-re-re-brought it on the PS4. You do realize it is the same game no matter what platform you playing it on?


I will admit that I am not entirely a devoted Final Fantasy fan, I loved 7, loved 10 and even a bit of Lightning in 13. I have dabbled in Final Fantasy 11 and 14 for a time, but everytime I hear the words, “FINAL FANTASY.” All that goes through my mind is, “Is it really the Final Fantasy? I mean damn! You keep coming out with sequels for it!” Oh yeah, I loved Crisis Core too. But that’s besides the point. At a time I was all on board for remakes and returns of old games with upgraded graphics, but now you make me hate the idea. I would rather just keep my old consoles and play on those instead of waiting for a digital release on new systems.

Through the years it seems that the need for BC (backwards compatibility) has been more trouble than it is worth. At times companies have removed it from the systems and just added it digitally which worked, but not all the games get played, which causes the gamer to cry for more or asking why not.

Well if you are so smart what is the solution?


It is not simple, but how about making sequels to those titles that need a sequel or demand a new story. How about we bring back the crazy antics of imaginative platform video games for all the consoles and not just leaving it in the hands of Nintendo. I know there is a new Ratchet and Clank in the works, but it is not enough. Naughty Dog, I love what you are doing with Uncharted and Last of Us, but dammit that doesn’t mean to stop working on the cute things.

So far the Indie developers are doing some justice with games like Valdis Story, Shadow Complex, Double Dragon Neon, Limbo, Indivisible, and many other titles. This goes to the fighting games too and you all should know not to be afraid to evolve. If Tekken can have characters that grow up, get old and have children too, then so can you with many of the fighting games out there. Ryu was born in 1964, that boy should be at least a grandfather by now and the same goes for Ken.

As much as we shell out for these video games, it is not much to ask you the developers to get a bit more creative out there. Even in the episode of “Adam Ruins Summer Vacation”, he brought up a good point about video games being capable to having unlimited possibilities. Instead it seems we keep getting the same rehashed or broken content. In that, stop bleeding funds out of us and start giving us a reason to buy your creativity again!

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