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What is the good word gamers? The good word is Kill La Kill If playable demo available now on PlayStation 4. For those that do not know Kill La Kill is a comedic anime that came out in 2013 done by Kazuki Nakashima and produced by Trigger. Follows a vagrant school girl you obtains a magical outfit and a scissor sword in order to find who killed her father and take them down. That is a small synopsis to a bigger and weirder plot. Right now I have a video sharing my quick thoughts on the gameplay, but please continue reading on.

Kill La Killa If Breakdown

It is a fight of fashion, revenge and style freedom with a deadly twist. The game is surrounded by many eccentric characters. The demo gives you a few modes to check out which I start with the Story mode giving you a deep dive of what is going on. You then get to play as the head leader Satsuki Kiryuin only after the main hero Ryuko Matoi defeats her elite squad in one swoop.

This is the beginning of the tutorial stage which was quite simple to get into. All the buttons don’t go too heavy which is fine for anyone to dive into. The real trick in the gameplay is the strategy on how you would utilize each ability and skill.

The one thing I have to admit I didn’t enjoy was the auto-lock feature that seems to be implemented to the game.  Yes, it is a 3D platform, but you are facing one another no matter what. It will take some getting used too.

Final Thought:

I am actually happy to see more companies are getting back into sending out demos for gamers to try out. A+ Games developed this title well and the best part is on Amazon pre-orders are going for 17% off for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The only question is what system to get it for especially since now I have to wait for this new Switch to drop in August.

I hope you enjoyed this demo preview and please share your thoughts in the comments below if you tried it out or want to share concerns. Kill La Kill IF drops on July 26th, 2019. – Beast Out


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