Kuma and Emo’s Delicious­gical Journey

I spent last week Saturday on 6/6/15, exploring and going on a magical journey with my friend Kuma. Our first stop, was the Japan Block Fair.


This festival was actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I would say there were about 10 vendors; mixed between food/beverages/knick-knacks. First stop, we hit up the Takoyaki station hosted by Mimi & Coco. It was $8.00 for a set of 8 takoyaki balls. I dove right into this delicious Japanese snack with vigor. I nearly burned my tongue because I was so excited and couldn’t wait to savor the delicious squishy dough balls with the octopus surprise on the inside. Needless to say, I inhaled those savory balls like I was trying to win a Hungry Hungry Hippos game. Right after I ate my portion of takoyaki, I proceeded to devour a second set — FOR MY APPETITE WAS INSATIABLE.

Squid Balls

After the glorious journey of balls, we decided to check out the longest line this block fair had to offer. It was none other than Hakata TonTon. Holy mother of god and all that is good and pure and loving and —- NSFW moment here guys, I have to digress to go on…Kuma and I waited on this line, fortunately it was only 15 minutes since we got there early and the lines were not that long yet. We savored the scent of cooked grilled pork, listened to the sound of the sizzling meat, as it made our mouths water. My heart pounded and words escaped me as I made my order for 3 pork belly skewers. I watched as this genius of a man gracely poured the sauce over the meat, covering it with a glorious hue of delectable glaze. I paused for a moment, as he handed me the plate and I could swear, my eyes watered a little because I don’t think I was ready for this. Kuma and I strategically headed to the sidewalk to have a little more room to fully grasp what we had in front of us. We stared at this beautiful sight…Emochi had met her match. The rest is best described in the video that Kuma so kindly created for us. This picture describes how we felt, the best.



We had set ourselves up for failure…HOW COULD THIS BE?! This meat shook us to our very core and we left the block fair satisfied and felt complete. Of course, I am NEVER satisfied. I had strategically lured Kuma to a trap…a delicious, chocolatey trap. The trap, known as Royce. He wasn’t ready for this. I had already planned to stop by to grab a few chocolates for my hairstylist friends before heading to my haircut appointment in the city. The woman there was so patient and gave us so many samples to try. Huhuhu, this was my plan all along — TRAP THE BEAR. Before he took the chocolate, I told him…”Savor it…feel the chocolate.” He gave me one last funny look before the chocolate took over. The rest…is history.

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  1. Debbie says:

    This makes me…so hungry! I can’t believe I missed most of the good stuff, I ended up going during the last hour.

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