Kumazoku is Going to Evo 2016

Hello there gamers, geeks, kin, and all of the nerd kind! As of a few weeks ago I got the best news I could possibly get! I was lying in bed with a sore throat convinced I had contracted the T-virus when the MGS alert sound went off. Instead of a clothing store ad or vitamin world coupons, I received confirmation that my media pass was approved for Evo 2016. The most bad ass event in the FGC. Hundreds of hopefuls flock to Evo in hopes of being crowned top dog and this year I will be there front and center!


Before I go on about what I intend to cover, I want to give a brief rundown of what Evo is. Evo, the Evolution Championship Series, is a big fighting game tournament that takes place in Vegas every year. It’s like the Super Bowl for gamers, in a sense. Winners receive massive earnings (we’re talking college tuition type figures here people), as well as getting their names out to the sponsors and stuff. It’s the USA equivalent of Super Battle Opera. Now even though I have an image below of all the games that will be featured that, I would like to add a link for sign ups, and if you think you got what it takes, well then I hope I see you there!

Now about there being two Smash Bros. games. I’m actually not thrilled about Smash Bros. Melee, but I’m excited about Smash Bros. Wii U. I love Melee, but why 2 Smash Bros. games? We might as well throw SF4 in. But personally, I’ve seen all the best matches possible for Melee and would have greatly preferred King of Fighters. Aside from that, my most hyped game is Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. My two favorite fighters are Dizzy and Jam. I am pleased that they are back in! If y’all didn’t get the demo then my heart goes out to you, because the demo is better than the Street Fighter 5 base game on launch. Guilty Gear Xrd is such a great game on so many levels and combat is no exception. So I will definitely have my eye on you GG Xrd players!

Now what I hope to cover is interviews. I have never played with such intense pressure looming over me so I’d love to tap into the minds of these gamers. Also, it can be beneficial for the players having an interview to let people get to know them better as an Evo player. Besides, Evo would not be Evo without these intense players, so why not get to know them better? For those players that are unnoticed, maybe a writer that recognizes their skills might make their Evo more experience enjoyable and shave that tension off a bit. Since this is Kumazoku’s first trip to Evo, I plan to cover the bases as best as possible and hopefully bring a unique spin to share with you, the fans, but please feel free to sway my intentions. Let us know that you would like to see live and we will provide that for you.


So, there you have it! If some crisis does occur (my life comes in Hard or Chaos mode, I have to unlock Normal mode) then you will see this face on the Evo 2016 floor. If you’re a player or know a player that would like to be interviewed, feel free to inbox me on twitter @KikeeLaLiLuLeLo. See you on the battlefield… FIGHT ON!



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