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Greetings gamers all. I have come to that point in my gaming life where I am being asked for request and right now this is going to be a fun one. So, a friend of mind by the name of Runaway Goldfish, cosplayer and gamer are inquiring about Female Streamers to follow. Oh, I know quite a few awesome gamers that she should be following and we are going to conduct this list which I have to narrow down or I might make it a two-parter. Either way, let’s count them down!

Let’s break this down, these are all gamers that I follow and others have suggested that should be on this list and have looked through their work. I was looking for communication, style, presentation and of course their schedule. There are many great gamers, but most of them are random and do not stream often. So, no offense to those that didn’t make this list. Also, since it is women history month (yes it is the whole year I know), it is my turn to show appreciation to my sister gamers out there.

GT: MrsVadersFist
Legacy: Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite Battle Royale, Destiny Series
Schedule: Monday thru Friday 9 am to 1 pm est. Weekends no Specific Time.

I followed this gamer for a while with her crazy gameplay and lively community. MrsVaderFist has a chilled stream mostly playing shooters and communicates well with her chat. Her teammates are comedic and bring life to her channel with some cool song request going on in the background. MrsVader is open to questions and engages well with her chat and tends to keep her viewers entertained while still be competitive. She even offers help in raids at times too.


GT: Mzskttlz
Legacy: PUBG, R6 Siege, Destiny Series and Call of Duty Games
Schedule: Monday thru Friday 8 pm – 12 am (est) Saturday and Sunday 3 pm – 12 am (est).

I just recently followed this streamer and so far Mzskttlz’s streams entertaining and some filled with excitement. It is fun seeing someone dedicated to a single game where this involves PUBG because you get to see them show all the ins and outs of the game and possibly Mzskttlz’s can share some tips with you if you ask nicely. She already has a pretty good following, so definitely check out her streams.


GT: Ohaifrancy
Legacy: Diablo 3, Forza 3, Destiny, Street Fighter V, and Retro Games on SNES
Schedule: Monday – Friday 8 pm Est. Weekends Offline

She starts off with an “oh Hai” and then leads you on a fun stream taking on combatants in Street Fighter with her girl Chun Li or on a deadly adventure in Dark Souls. She is Francy and she is a damn good player as I have met her twice. Francy is an approachable gamer and has a lively stream each time. Definitely a competitive fighter, but dabbles in the casual games as well as the retro titles. Her extensive SNES collection is quite impressive and she even speed runs games. I had a great time watching her Lion King stream and we all know how difficult that is.


GT: Mymii
Legacy: Overwatch PC
Schedule: Mon & Thurs 7 pm PT

You stay talking, you stay interesting and Mymii interactives just as well as anyone while doing her thing in Overwatch. Down to Earth gamer and being that I enjoy Overwatch myself it is cool to see others skills out there. Definitely competitive uses characters where it is needed and that is always a plus for any Overwatch player. Mymii doesn’t stream often, but when she does expect up to 4 hours of intense combat. That’s not bad at all and pretty good and do not expect her to play Mercy because she is not going to save your butt! Respect.




GT: PinkSmurph
Legacy: Variety Streamer
Schedule: Monday Thru Thursday 7:30 pm to 11 pm Est.

I have to say that I am impressed since this is an eccentric stream where at times she does a beauty video before gaming. That is unique and fun to me, so nothing like a prep time and then game time. Nothing like dressing to kill literally, I respect that! So, right after all that is done she gets right into battle which is right now Fortnite Battle Royale which is the game of choice at the moment. As stated I am looking for player interaction, streamers that interact with her viewers and of course the commentary that is funny. PinkSmurph hits all the categories, so definitely give her a follow.


GT: KittenCatNoodle
Legacy: Path of Exiles
Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday, Sat, and Sun 5 pm PST/8 pm Est. Offline Thursdays

This suggestion came from KimcheeX where this gamer plays Path of Exiles. This partnered streamer goes hardcore into Path of Exiles which for some that do not know is a hack and slash action RPG on the steam marketplace. Her concentration is real, but she stays active talking with players and the stream giving them the attention when needed and definitely shows exquisite skill in the hack and slash.


GT: DreamlnPastels
Legacy: Rainbow 6 Siege
Schedule: Thursday – Sunday 3:30 PM PST

What can I say about Lin? I’ve followed her gaming career for a while now going on a few years actually even subbed to her twitch. She is not only a gamer but an artist and does pin-up modeling as well. Yes, she does a lot of body positive modeling and that’s why I give her a lot of props because she stay positive and her Rainbow Six game is on point. If you check out any of her videos, her tactics are great to watch and she plays like a damn machine! Also, she does a lot of IRL (In Real Life) streaming where she does Q&A with her crew. Does a lot of sub giveaways and if you are subbed she will have you join her in battle. She is cool peoples and I definitely say follow her work!


GT: Bohangirl84
Legacy: Too many Damn Games to list.
Schedule: Mondays and Thursdays 9 pm Est

What can I say, been following Bohan since her days on the PS3 playing all the Resident Evils and many other horror games. She has been the Jack of All Trades of gaming having a completion list of over 50 games under her belt maybe more. She is elite and has taken some time off, but glad to see she is back kicking things off into high gear with new content and a new schedule.  Bohan has many backlogs of videos for you to check out of her many adventures and of course her interacting with the viewers at times asking what to do next is a nice touch getting the audience involved, but no back seat gamers, please.


GT: Bebechuleta
Legacy: Dark Souls and Bloodborne (PS4)
Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays

Bebechuleta keeps it simple while playing on her PS4, she sticks to the tough games of Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. There are at times where she will play Overwatch, but mostly she is drawn to the pain and suffering that comes with the Dungeon Crawler games. She will curse a lot but that is part of her personality that is quite comedic antics and since is it that genre of games, so expect some hilarious fails. She doesn’t archive her videos, but hit that follow button and enjoy the ride which is entertaining. Bebechuleta is also an experienced make up artist which you can check out on her Instagram page as well as her twitter feed.


There you have it gamers. These are my picks of gamers that you should follow for their streaming content which is all available on Also, while you are on their channel pages they have detailed information on their social media areas as well. Now this is just part one and I shall dive deep into further choices to get more of a variety, but as I stated I chose these few because they have a set schedule and have entertaining streams. Special shoutout to those that made their suggestions and giving me a reason to seek out more channels. I will check your next time, stay tuned for a second part. – Beast Out

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