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Lego has taken another famed franchise and turned it into another kid-friendly, comedic and fun experience for every fan of the Lego Games series. Lego Jurassic World takes on Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park II, and the newly released Jurassic World in one amazing Lego adventure. The beauty of any Lego game is the fact that they turn many of our favorite franchises into a lovely parody that works well with the goofy antics of that genre. Please join me in this review and see if it lives up to the Lego name.


The Movies as we Know Them:

Lego Jurassic World starts off like any Lego game having multiple movies involved where you as the player decide on which story you want to start off with. Of course I went for the classic story of Jurassic Park because that was the beginning of all the madness back in 1993. I get to go through the story playing the usual cast members while unlocking many hidden items and characters throughout my journey. There are plenty of puzzles to solve, but the key thing to remember in any Lego game is the fact that certain characters are needed to unlock areas and to get through each mission.


Jurassic Park went dark pretty fast with the betrayal from one of their park employees, but all the dark elements were quickly changed to comedic ones. I mean it is a kid’s game after all, so don’t expect murder or dismemberment situations unless it is in a cute Lego fashion. They are Legos so they can come apart, but they can always be put back together, which is a nice safety measure. I enjoyed that the dinosaurs displayed more personality by getting sad or pulling off comedic gestures. For example, the raptors in the first film were already deemed intelligent, so Lego decided to enhance that personality trait by dressing them up in disguise for amusement.

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park movie could be seen as one of the worst parts of the series, but luckily Lego still found a way to make it fun. As some of you know, it starred Jeff Goldblum as the solo act with Julianne Moore as a female lead. Lost World takes the Same concept as Jurassic Park, but this time the story takes place at site B of the island. I am surprised that they had enough time to make so many sites. Why would they even bother after the first blunder? Either way,  as you know, things go wrong and a T-Rex is brought to the civilized world because some dumba** decided to take a baby Rex with him to bait the mother.


Jurassic Park III follows Alan on a solo mission to help find a missing boy. Things go as bad as you could imagine, but with a funny twist as in no one dies from the harsh encounters with the dinos. It was fun going through the game with the lego graphics and seeing the characters perform their skills so well. With Alan, you could dig up almost anything and cut down ropes, while the young man Eric had more tactics involving the jungle, allowing him to be handy with dino poop and whatnot.

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Jurassic World brings everything full circle, and if you have not seen the movie this game will spoil it for you. You will go through each scene in the same order as the movie.. It takes you through more of the movie than what you would expect. The beauty of it is that it feels as if you are going through an interactive director’s cut of the film. You will also switch to the role of the dinosaurs at key points in the game. Taking over as the T-Rex or raptor was quite interesting. I even got a chance to take over a triceratops in order to get the players through certain tough obstacles by bashing through them.

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Four Games in One:

It is freaking Lego, what is there not to love? In all honesty Lego Jurassic World is a great fit for your Lego collection with having four games rolled into one. Taking a nostalgic journey through the movies was fascinating and seeing it done differently through toys was quite amusing. The interesting part is the addition of voice acting from the movies involved with the game. You can tell the difference in quality as they used sound bites from the older films which had some weird sound issues that didn’t translate well with the new HD audio of today.. The newest movie, Jurassic World, sounded just right with no weird fuzzy voice recording like I heard in the previous two. There are additional sound bites not heard in the films, which is to be expected, as you will sometimes go away from the story; however, it was placed very well.


Replay value is a huge thing in this game. If you are a 100% beginning to end with all items found kind of gamer this is the game that will drive you into the right direction for your platinum or achievement needs. I spent over 10 real world hours playing the first game and I didn’t even collect everything from it. That is not saying much, but be aware that you will need some time to collect all the pieces and hidden items, since it takes multiple characters to unlock all areas. Thee beauty of the Lego titles  is that as you finish each level you will get a chance to play through the game over again.

The Bad:

They added Jurassic Park II…That’s all


As expected, Lego did a great job bringing fun to the movie franchise, and I have to admit there is still a lot to do in the games which i will get back to. As a whole, you will have many fond memories for existing characters that you have seen in the films, and a great experience with the newcomers to the series. I ended up getting the PC version from Steam for $29.99, which was not bad at all, so definitely check out the Steam sales. In the end, Lego Jurassic World fulfills the gamer’s need for replay value, fun gameplay, and comedic settings.I give Lego Jurassic World 4.5 out of 5. Definitely check this title out, which is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.


Okay folks I have to get back to the park because the Raptors are getting restless and I hope to see you next time with more great reviews, previews as well as news. Stay frosty gamers!

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