Let’s Discuss Paywalls

Update: I need to be clear on this topic that I will be talking about all things paid, but the underlining take away should be that you are not obligated to pay for the vanities.

Here is the thing gamers, a lot of us go around complaining about the weirdest things. Now, before it was a justified complaint on my part when full priced games are treating their titles like free to play mobile games. Meaning you will pay full price and then there are still pay to win tactics to buy. Main example is Grand Theft Auto V having that same practice. However, can we use the same complaint when it comes to costumes?

Pay Wall Issue At Hand!

I have to stop and laugh at this because I can’t believe some are having this debate. So, Dead or Alive 6 is the reason for this post to begin with as they released the game with the regular and deluxe edition. However, there is a season pass as well for a little over 90 dollars. You will get access to 3 characters and many costumes, but you can buy the characters separately. So far it seems Nyotengu is the only one sold solo for a choice of $3.99 which is the only problem since she is available in Story mode. 

So, it is not totally a good deal since it seems Nyotengu and Mai is behind a pay gate and that is never a good thing. I will agree with that the Season pass is a bit ridiculous being that the cost for extra fighters would sum up to a little over 8 dollars. Why is it that we are still dealing with this? Koei Tecmo should have learned something by now, but I guess they haven’t since DOA 5: Last Round still practiced this style. Many characters were in the net code of the game and behind a Pay Wall. 

Vanity’s Are Not an Obligation!

However, with many games trying to sell you clothing or costumes/vanity items is nothing to cry about. I get the idea of looking good while kicking butt, but if you have the option of earning in-game currency like Anthem to get something then don’t sweat it. These things will not make you a better gamer, just flashy. Yes, companies do play it off that you can earn in-game funds to obtain these items. The trick is that A. You have a limited time to obtain them and B. the in-game cost is so freaking high that you may not have time. 

Okay, I throw my paws up at the idea that it is messed up in the practice on how they prey on your needs. Some gamers are not that strong-willed enough to say no to something shiny. Wanting to look at good as pro players that rightfully earn the items with their skills. Another example would be Street Fighter V. You could unlock everything in the game if you are good enough or just pay the 30 dollars. Pretty much catering to those that no longer have the time to dedicate on an unlocking quest.  

The Paid Wall and Vanity Situation

This is just a short topic to be touched upon at a later date during a podcast, but I would like to get your feedback on this. How do you feel about the vanity paid system? Are we all done with this paywall tactic? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! – Beast Out – 



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