Local Gym Locations Confirmed for Pokemon Go

As more information is released for the upcoming Pokemon Go the more excited many of us veteran trainers and new trainers are becoming. The recently leaked footage of what to expect when using this app on your smartphone was confirmed to be legit. It is exciting to get a glimpse of what to expect when using both the watch and now your phone as well to navigate the world of Pokemon in the real world.

Features as we know:

  • Push notifications will notify you when you are near a Pokemon you can catch.
  • Historical landmarks, points of interest, and art installations will house prizes such as more Pokeballs and other items. You can even find eggs that will hatch into Pokemon after so many steps!
  • You’ll gain levels the more Pokemon you catch, which will unlock more powerful Pokemon to find around town.
  • Doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to battle wild Pokemon to catch them.
  • Some Pokemon will only be location based (example: water Pokemon only near rivers or oceans)
  • There will be 3 teams. Each team will control local gyms and trainers can assign specific Pokemon in their roster to help defend the gym’s title!

I am digging the idea of getting a vibration notification when walking around of a Pokemon nearby, but the knowing that some Pokemon that deal with elements you will have to go to that location for. Examples between Squirtle and Maril you will have to go to the ocean or sea areas to catch them. This opens up to some interesting travel plans, but I hope to god I would not have to go to a damn Volcano to get a Magmar or Charizard.

At this point I say bring it on and let me pre-order. Keep checking back for more details as it becomes available. Stay frosty trainers!


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