Love of Underdogs, but not the Comebacks

There are different kinds of comebacks. There is the typical kind, like in boxing where Ippo makes a comeback to win. A perfect example is his fight against Woli where just one hit at a time, a small goal to a bigger result was needed to come back and win. Another kind is the rehash; a return from obscurity by remaking what they know is a winner. Sadly this has been the bane of most people and has resulted in some real hit or misses (Tmnt, GI Joe, countless versions of Superman). Last is the remake, similar to the rehash, but without going against the original it is more about just making it prettier. Examples include Star wars and countless games which got a face lift for the next gen consoles.

This season is a season of returns. With new seasons of multiple series like Assassination Classroom and Gate: Jsdf as well as the return of several manga series that fell into the hiatus abyss. We get another season of Durarara and others. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of new series starting up this season too, I’m most looking forward the start of Ajin.



Ajin is a series that is up there with Tokyo Ghoul. It involves immortal people, blood, violence, demons and lots of action. Look forward to a bigger review once it has started up. Speaking of violence, it brings a unique feeling to see a new chapter of Berserk after so long. It isn’t rare for an artist to take a break, maybe a month maybe longer. Sadly you have artist like Togashi Yoshihiro, the maker of HunterXHunter. The guy has made taking hiatus breaks an artform.

Now don’t get me wrong, HxH is one of my favorite series and it will stay as such, but come on seriously. He took over a year hiatus multiple times and even the original anime needed a remake. Instead of continuing where it left off, it started over with a rehash in some parts and just a remake in others. Thankfully the new series actually make it farther than Greed Island where the previous one finished on and even completed the cell saga Chimera ant arc. It even included some of the election arc and caught up to the manga. Now he is in a George R. Martin position, there is no visual or written material, and we gotta wait till one or the other starts up once again.

Personally I wish they put in as much effort into Attack on Titan. The manga steadily plods forward with its story, the action stepping up and the bigger story with the Ape Titan is in full swing. Soon the manga will explain the full story, and as long as it isn’t like the live action then it will end up great. The anime cut off at a decent place and the changes from the manga are slight, but the live action took a route so far off left field it’s playing a whole new sport. I will spare you the details but just know that if you hated Street fighter, Dragon ball and Avatar live actions, this one fits in right along with them. What isn’t disappointing though is the spin-off series known as Before the Fall.


In Before the fall you get to see the attack on the city that is often mentioned in the regular series. Every time they say “we haven’t seen anything like this in 100 years” they are referring to before the fall. In it you get to meet the “child of titans” and even get to see how they fought titans before their spider-man like gear. It has a lot of potential and I hope it gets animated, even if only as an OVA like Levi’s backstory was.

Despite all this, the award for greatest comeback goes to Oh! Great. creator of Tenjou Tenge, Majin and the great series Air Gear. Air Gear made me love rollerblading to an obsessive degree. Words fail to describe the feeling of seeing a new Air Gear chapter pop up out of nowhere.

Now technically the series is over, the ending did occur and the gravity children defeated by Ikki. The series always did feel rushed, the flow took a drastic shift when they started including the Tuners and then rushed the tourney as well. I’m fairly certain the series could have been extended by a good 200+ chapters easily, but at least it actually ended unlike countless other series. I’m looking at you Zombie Powder. The new chapter of Air Gear is part of a special; the exact amount of chapters hasn’t been confirmed so it will most likely be determined by its popularity, so go support it if you can. This chapter is an actual continuation, so unlike Gantz:G which is an AU, this is actually canon.

Now thanks to Air gear I’m going to go enjoy me some Jet Set Radio~ Now that is a game that needs an update, but even as is it’s still one of the best games ever.



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