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Its all about Mechs people, Giant Robots are my thing and my homie Fressh sent me a link to M.A.S.S Builder on Kickstarter. Of course, we have a video for you to check out for those that do not know. 

I dig Giant Robots – M.A.S.S Builder

“A future in where humans lived a prosperous century and technology advancing beyond space and time,” that was what humanity should have been if not for the sudden appearance of unknown beasts of the void. A large portion of humanity was gone in the moment. War for the survival of humanity broke off all over the world, changing landscapes and settlements into warzones. Humanity was forced to relocate into shelters and reinvent their technologies into weapons of war, the M.A.S.S. technology.

The M.A.S.S. is known as Mechanical Assault Skeleton Suit will be piloted by players like yourself in this Action R.P.G title. You will face the threat of the Quarks which threatened humanity is the reason you have to take up leadership as commander in this fight. it is all about building your M.A.S.S to your specifications be it both for long range and close range combat. 

M.A.S.S Features:

  • Customize your own M.A.S.S. without the worry of using cool looking armors with low stats, all parts don’t have stats! 
  •  Fast paced movement through the battlefield with boosters for you to move around and attack through your enemies.
  • Fight against hordes of beastly aliens called Quarks, and giant ones that will aggressively hunt you down.
  • Pick how your weapon looks and shoots with hundreds of parts available to mix and match.
  • world compelling and rich with information for you to immerse yourself in.
Frame Customization is Intense!

“In M.A.S.S. Builder, you’re free to create your own M.A.S.S. with everything you’ve collected. That’s right, you can put any kind of parts into each slot of your M.A.S.S. and create the perfect one that is up to your taste. We have classified each part of your M.A.S.S. into 4 main categories.”

Everything starts with your standard Exo-Skeleton the bare bones of your M.A.S.S. which is your beginning. 

Once you have chosen your skeleton to start adjusting to your liking with the height and length of each joint and limbs. It is fascinating how detailed this goes into, kind of like Medabots if you ever watched that anime. I am curious, do we get more choices in armor styles behind the basic frame. 

  • Joint Setting: Frame joints’ length can be adjusted in most cases to create the perfect look for your M.A.S.S. Frame. Armor pieces that are attached on joints will be resized in accordance to frame joints.
  • Assemble:  Frame Armors can be mixed and matched up to your liking. You can assemble parts from various preset/custom themes onto your M.A.S.S. 
  • Armor Slot: Frames will have slots for players to add armor parts onto it. Each part can be customized to a certain point. You can even create an asymmetric design for the M.A.S.S.

  • Paint:  Each armor piece will have around 2-4 sub-elements where you can select a paint style for each element separately. When you edit those styles, every part using it will be changed as well. 

  • Decal: Decals can be attached to each armor piece and you can adjust its size, color, position, designs, and etc. as you like.

  • Armor Building:  There are 600+ parts available in game. Collect and craft them through playing or unlocking them in game. You will be able to swap it in and out after the parts are crafted, so mix and match your armors well. 

Being the Bots Master!

The enemy Quarks are interesting and I am curious about the origin of these creatures. Since these are classified as minions they will be cannon fodder throughout your mission. Do not think less of them as they will come in numbers and ready to take you down. There will be Elites are the brains that control the minions and then there is Boss Quarks. The worst of the Bad and you best believe you will need all the tactics you can get. 

The goal has already been reached with the kickstarter ending on April 11th, 2019. However, there is still time for you to join in and be part of this new title. Just click here with only 20 dollars to secure your copy or check out the other tiers. If you tried the demo or a backer please share your thoughts below. – Beast Out

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