Magic Stick PS3 to PS4 Super Converter Review

Previously I reviewed the X1-RD and you can check out that review here: X1-RD Magic Stick Review

Welcome back to another gaming tech review where we take a look into Brooks new converter for the PS4. The Magic Stick PS3 to PS4 converter and it also works on the PC. Now there are some folks out there that feel more comfortable using the PS3 controller vs. the PS4 and this lovely device will grant you that option. It is not limited to just the PS3 controller mind you which means you can use any PS3 accessory through this usb device.



  • Use Madcatz, Qanba, Hori, Sony, PDP branded product on your Playstation 4 system!
  • Works with arcade sticks, fight pads, custom controllers, official wired controllers.
  • Works in all games, Mortal Kombt, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V
  • Preprogramed profiles for standard controls
  • Customizable control scheme’s
  • Add turbo functions to any controller
  • Updatable firmware!
  • PLUG and PLAY! Just plug the adapter into the system, no setup required!


The video below will give you a short demo on how well the USB port handles on the PC and I figured I didn’t have to do too much since it pretty much functions the same as the X1-RD.


I have noticed for years that many gamers are looking for means to play particular controllers on another system. As stated I do understand that there are all in one converters and from experience most of those do not live up to their own hype. Most gamers don’t have multiple systems, so converters with one person is right up those gamers alley. Just plug and play with no real hassle and the instructions are quite simple for the customization you’ll feel comfortable with.

The Gamer Controller Super Converter goes for $39.99 and is available right now at Video Games New York online site. If you are in New York City definitely hit up their store located off St. Marks on Cooper Square and Sixth Ave. The sales people there are friendly and able to answer your questions for all purchases.  In that I hope you all enjoyed this review and please be sure to return for more. Stay frosty gamers!

Magic Stick PS3 to PS4 Converter Rating:

KZoku Paw Rating 4 half

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  1. TimHuang says:

    Hi KumaBrook Gaming Super Converter PS3 to PS4 Adapter works with more fight sticks and
    Logitech G27 Racing Wheel.

  2. TimHuang says:

    Brook Super Converter PS3 to PS4 for Logitech G27 on PS4, it’s true…

  3. […] upon some top secret Area 51 kind of technology. Most of you know that I have reviewed a few Brook items before and I was shocked to stumble upon them going into controller tech now. This is a great idea […]

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