Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Review

What’s up everybody! It’s ShadowJin here and today I want to talk to you about my thoughts on the new Marvel vs Capcom game. Now I know some of you may be thinking ” Didn’t that come out last week?” The reason why I decided to take my time to review this game is because there’s a lot of negativity around it due the roster and the art style of the game. I can completely understand that because, I’m a big fan of the series but, even I was nervous about this game coming out. I myself wanted to see newer characters as well as characters that have not been used in a long time. Asura *cough cough*. Instead, they used a ton of characters from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Not many people were happy with that, including me. The art style of the game has also thrown people off. Anyone who saw the trailer that hyped the demo can definitely agree that characters like Chun Li and Dante looked terrible. There were even comments about the game looking more like a mobile game. Big question is whether or not it’s a complete disaster.

The truth is it’s not as it seems. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a really awesome game. Don’t get me wrong there’s some cringe moments and a couple issues with it. After a week of fully exploring the game and finding all the flaws it has, it still pulls itself together. Most of the cringe moments come from story mode. This is also the first time in the Marvel vs Capcom series that a big story has been introduced. For the most part, the story is very interesting. You see characters like Hulk and Ryu teaming up. Ryu at one point tells Hulk to remember the breathing exercise he thought him. Then there are moments that feel forced. An example of that is when Rocket Raccoon asks Dante if the ladies can come out play referring to his signature pistols, Ebony and Ivory. There are even characters that show up that you would’ve never expected to see. Plus, there are tons of plot twist moments. After playing the story mode I kind of saw what made people nervous about the graphics but, this is where it gets interesting.

The graphics as far as gameplay wise actually fits the game and looks better in person. The game is pretty crazy in a sense that it moves very fast paced and comic like. The kicker is some characters look better in gameplay than they do at the winning screen and in the story. A prime example of that is Spencer. He looks so awful in the character select compared to how he looks gameplay wise. However, we’ve seen that that can change. Remember when we first saw Chun Li. She looked awful too in the cutscenes but, a couple months after they fixed her face. I personally had no real gripes with the graphics other than Spencer’s face but, like I said he looks better in actual gameplay.

Speaking of the gameplay, by the way, it is phenomenal! Those of you familiar with the old school Marvel vs Capcom days will find that it plays just like the originals which means it’s back to 2v2. There’s no assist in the game and instead has been replaced with the Infinity Stones. Each stone allows you to do something completely different than the others. The button layout is light punch, heavy punch, light kick and heavy kick. You also have your tag button as well as your infinity surge. You can also do what’s called an Infinity Storm which unleashes the full potential of the Infinity Stone. Tagging is also a bit different in this game. You can tag your partner in and out mid-combo to keep it going. If the combo goes on for too long though the opponent will flip out of it. Unless you find some sneaky tactics. The gameplay mechanics make this game feel more creative than Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Another thing the gameplay focuses on is synergy. So far, my main team is Ultron and Thanos with the reality stone. Thanos is a heavy hitter and also has some useful special moves. He has a projectile that does multiple hits and can be used as a shield. Ultron, on the other hand, can fly, call in drones and does pretty decent damage with the setups he has. The reason I choose the reality gem is that it allows me to continue to be really offensive. When you surge the reality stone is sent a homing orb projectile and when you activate the Infinity Storm you command the elements of fire, ice, and lightning. Some characters from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom that made it into the game are also different in the way they play. For example, Haggar now has a barrel that he can throw at you and even hold it.

Which brings us to the topic of the roster. This would’ve been a great time to add characters who haven’t been used in a long time. Instead a lot of previous characters from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 were put into the game. For me, that bothered a lot because this roster could’ve had the potential to have some of the best characters of all time. What really upset people was the fact that iconic characters like Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Storm, Sentinel, and Magneto are not in the game. Hearing that hurt as a longtime fan of the franchise.

The new characters they did add are amazing and bring something different to the table. In total, we got 5 new characters with more coming as DLC. Those characters are Venom, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Sigma, Monster Hunter and Black Widow. The ones that are making a return from UMvC3 have all been equipped with moves and actually play a bit differently. Dante, for example, was very complexed in UMvC3 to a lot of people. Now he’s got a lot of moves that have been simplified in a way that suits him. After realizing that even though they’re from the previous version, they’re not exact carbon copies. That put me at ease a bit. Hell, I even got interested in a character that I didn’t care for in UMvC3 and that’s Firebrand of all characters!

The only thing that seems disappointing with the game is the collector’s edition. The figures of X, Ironman, Chun Li, and Captain Marvel are well designed I might add. As for the Infinity Stones, they don’t look like what’s advertised at all. The Infinity Stones themselves actually look like their comic book counterparts. Which actually isn’t all that bad because I happen to be a Marvel nerd. Capcom just has to do better with what they advertise.

Overall Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a very good game that suffers from minor situations that could’ve been avoided if they had decided to take a little more time with it. The fun factor in this game is ridiculous. I personally already like it better than Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and I played that game for years on end. I’m not going to say you should definitely pick this game up because it’s perfect. What I am going to suggest though is that you give the game a try before judging it. The amount of fun I’ve had with this game is unbelievable and I won’t lie I’ve lost hours of sleep because, of it. I give the game a good 4 out of 5 paws!

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This is ShadowJin closing out hoping you all have a beautiful day and remember fellow gamers…….GAME ON!




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