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It is safe to say that heroes come in all sizes and at first glance hearing about a superhero that shrinks to the size of an ant made me skeptical as a child. I mean what could be so amazing about shrinking to that size? In this instance came Ant-man whose strength was magnified as he shrank, even speed was enhanced and that was pretty cool to see. The question remained will it translate well in a live action movie?

Story as I Knew It:

The story revolved around a cocky inventor named Hank Pym who invented Pym Particles that gave him the ability to shrink to the size of an ant or a towering Goliath, but we have not reached that story yet. Hank was the original avenger in the 80’s, but eventually he would pass on the mantle to another. Hank original was the creator of Ultron and used to bump heads with Stark at times. It would of made some funny commentary if they did it that way, but not totally necessary.


Marvel Cinema Story:

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) now a seasoned scientist has given up playing superhero due to his old age and now seeks a new hero, because things are getting dicey at Pym Industries. The thought of a criminal being a superhero would make some bat an eye, but an expendable man with the right intentions can be a great weapon for making things right. Enter Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) who is a former theft who pulled a robin hood to set a wrong, however even though his actions were good it put him in a bad place. Being a former inmate as well as a father trying to gain visitation rights is a hard thing to sale. At times you have to grow up and see what is important, but then again you still need to pull off one more job to get what you need I guess.

Long story short Scott ends up in the hands of Hank Pym and his daughter Hope (Evangaline Lilly) to help them stop a mad man that figured out Hank Pym’s particle formula. Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) is a former apprentice to Hank and it becomes known that he is out for revenge for not being trusted enough to takeover for Hank. That is a decent lead to a villain story and even though it is a cliche story arc, it was done quite well. Oh yes, this leads to the Yellow-jacket suit, because why not use a Bee to battle an Ant? (Shrugs)

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The Good

The first thing that came to my mind was, “Why the hell is Hank Pym so old?” Now I apologize because that was my comic book mind coming out. The thing is that they did it so well with him being Ant-Man in the 80’s worked so damn well that I was okay with that. Eventually he does pass on the mantle to Scott which I saw first in the cartoons before the comic books. Everything in the movie was well balanced, between the story, the action and leading to the climax.


The CGI graphics were done very well and I thought it was going to be some weird effects for the shrinking, however they played it off better than I expected. I thought it would not translate well for a shrinking hero in a live action setting, but I had no problems with the costume since it was quite subtle for a comic book outfit. To my surprise I can actually see the Ant-man suit as a tactical fighting suit.


Luis played by Michael Peña had to have been the best part of the whole damn movie. I am at odds where if his character made the movie better or if it would have had the same humor without him. I am just stuck. In speaking of supporting characters I was a bit worried when I saw T.I playing one of the criminal sidekicks; however it looked as if he had a dream to be in a marvel movie and performed quite well.

Them Waffles Looked Good though



The Falcon played by Anthony Mackie is getting more screen play in the movie which is a great thing and shows that being a standalone character The Falcon deserves his own movie. In this amazing scene Ant-man flips out as they have to get a particular device that was made by Howard Stark at his own compound. To Scott’s and the teams surprise it is now the Avengers compound which of course already is alerted by his presence. The directors mentioned that there will be an Avenger in the movie, but I was not expecting Falcon and that fight sequence was nicely done. You got a glimpse as why Ant-man can be an Avenger and can tactically take any opponent down. However I think they need to give Falcon and flight Suit upgrade like he has in the cartoon, because it seems he is too vulnerable.

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The backstory that gave me chills of Hank Pym fighting for Shield back in the 80’s and the reveal of Wasp was more than I expected. I was in the theaters thinking to myself, “There can be no Pym without his wife, so how is that going to work?” Behold they do the Captain America story on how she disappeared, not die, but vanished. I know they say in the movie that she died, but she messed with the regulator just like Scott did later on in the film to shrink to the point of sub atomic. I said the “Captain America” scene because that is the same reason why he originally ended up in ice trying to stop a missile. I loved how when Hank found out that Scott came back out of Sub Atomic space which gave him hope that Wasp might still be alive.

As for Endings go showing off the new Wasp outfit made my jaw drop. I am so happy they are passing the torch to Hope rocking the new Wasp costume. I have to admit that Wasp is one of my favorite characters in the series and her attitude was well played in the movie. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in Phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How they mention Spider-man in the movie was amazing. I was happy to hear them talk about a wall crawling super hero…That is all.

The after credits with Sam and Steve finally finding Bucky clamped between a machine. It ends with Sam/Falcon saying he knows a guy that could help. I guess he means Ant-Man which would be cool and would tie him into being an Avenger. Yes I want to see him as an Avenger so badly, because the fighting tactics would be badass as well as hilarious.

Oh yes seeing old footage of Hank as Ant-man was an amazing touch, but damn the appearance of Hydra later on trying to buy the Yellow-Jacket suit was priceless. I mean are you that dumb? Thinking they will do some good and the addition of the particles messing with Darren’s head was simply marvelous.



The Bad:

I can’t really think of anything that would be a legit reason to dislike the movie. Outside of nitpicking the fact that they made Hank Pym old, the movie was spot on great for the Marvel Cinematic universe.


Final Thoughts:

Marvel’s Ant-Man is a straight up summer blockbuster for any comic book fan. Paul Rudd utilizes his comedic persona to fit right with Scott Lang and Michael Douglas performed very well as Hank Pym. Evangeline Lilly was that right kind of strong character really pushing Scott to be the hero the world needs. It definitely felt like a movie for fans and I can appreciate that. I am looking forward to seeing Ant-Man in the next movies as well as an Avenger. Let’s get Civil War going baby. Ant-Man gets 5 out of 5 so make mine Marvel baby. Stay frosty!


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