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Being asleep for 600 years sounds like an amazing thing, but waking up would probably take a while to stretch out and going to the bathroom. It is on this journey to find a new place for all on this Ark, but with every journey comes some hazards. As the Pathfinder it is your duty to bring people to that golden place and protect those that seek peace. Welcome to this review of Mass Effect: Andromeda releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

There are a few things that I didn’t mention in the video, tried to keep it as short as possible since already spent more than ten hours of play time. I will admit that a certain store had early copies and I purchased one. I mentioned a thing about the inventory only be accessible when you are on the tempest, but you can have a pod sent down where you can access ammo and other weapons. But this is still a drawback since you have to get to the pod in order to switch or modify.

I did mention that I was a bit worried while playing a bit. This is a new story taking place much later after Mass Effect 3. It takes on the story of colonization and finding a new place to exist. The intentions of this new enemy the Kett who states, “Surrender or Burn” as their greeting. So, I just popped in a cryo bullet followed by an Omni-tool blade middle finger to the face as a reply. This time around they have an arsenal of dog like creatures and huge mechanized robots as an opposition. This does change the playing field of combat and challenge. Bioware definitely gave us unique enemies to handle and on a much bigger scale. I appreciate it.

The main thing I didn’t want to do is spoil too much in a review, mainly focusing on some parts of the story, gameplay and replay value. Bioware does not disappoint when it comes to replay value and seeking a proper ending. I have been visiting planets and black holes scanning for materials and dealing with side missions to help others. There will be a lot for you to do and to farm in order to build better weaponry and armor upgrades.

The Multiplayer is nothing new, but still, a lot of fun since Mass Effect 3 first introduced it. This is a four player co-op as you team up to fight through waves until you have to finally extract at the end. If all players extract you will get a bigger points bonus. You will have to keep an eye on downed teammates since they will have a timer in which you need to rush to them and helped them back up. If not they will die and have to wait for the next wave to respawn.

I already mentioned some of the bad when it comes to the animation of the characters. Any humanoid features are lost which is sad. I never thought about until I played Andromeda and noticed the awkward smirks and eye movements, even the creepy facial expressions that are made. It feels unnatural unlike when other games use motion capture. It may not have been in their budget, but it is only a minor problem that doesn’t really hurt the game. I do miss the old inventory system. Even though this challenges you more by having to set up your gear before leaving the Tempest or finding a spot to haven inventory pod drop down as some convenience. You will still need to be in that zone area to use it.

In my final thoughts, I felt that Mass Effect: Andromeda took its times to live up to my expectations. It has a slow start and was losing me a bit with the drawn out tutorials and the uninteresting conversations with different characters. It picked up quite well and started to balance itself out. I did notice a huge spike of female species that we didn’t see too many before in the previous titles. I am seeing more Krogan and Turian females and looking forward to interacting more Angara which I will keep to myself since no spoilers. Freaking Alien Sudoku will be the death of me I swear. I kid you not that puzzle system is a unique touch, but I fear that it keep getting harder for more special areas.

Mass Effect: Andromeda receives 4.5 paws out of 5. I started to have fun and utilizing the new abilities as a Vanguard Pathfinder. As of right now, I am trying to see if there are any easter eggs or maybe a mention of events from part 3 or better Part 2 since that is when the Colony first launched during that time.

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