Mega Man 11 Demo on Nintendo Switch

With all the reboots, HD collections, Remasters, and game IPs that haven’t seen another sequel in years getting a new edition added to their collections, only naturally it was time. After the Mighty Number 9 Fiasco, the Capcom powers that be decided it was time to give the people what they wanted. Not something that was kinda sorta Megaman. Not thrift store Mega Man, but actual Megaman! And so the time has come. Time for MegaMan to get some of that much-anticipated shine. The much-awaited demo is here. Last week Megaman fans were gifted with a demo for the next up and coming Megaman game, MegaMan 11! So what can we expect coming from Megaman after all these years?

Well, let me just first say it has been years since I’ve played Megaman, and boy does it show. The last time I played Megaman was X5. 18 years of Mega-cap has resulted in full on rust. However as despite my EX Turbo Scrub, none of that was due to poor gameplay mechanics. The mechanics are solid. MegaMan is well, Megaman. He can still run jump shoot and call out Rush. He also has 2 Gears Power, which really gives the enemies the business, and Speed Gear, which makes him faster. For those of you who have seriously rusted or are prone to suffer from high levels of salt, there a newcomer mode which will keep the sodium levels low. And for newcomers who missed the years of Mega Rages, players can ease in slowly as appose to inhabitable controller toss. Megaman hasn’t been sleeping on the graphics either. Everything is bright and easy on the eye. Although it is a departure from the pixels many know and love, it still has the traditional Mega Man feel And the soundtrack strikes no exception.

Personally, I enjoyed playing via Switch. I thought the Power &S peed Gears playing off the Red and Blue Switch controllers would have made for a neat exclusive for the Switch. With all the PS4, Xbox One, and PC titles we cover here at Kzoku, it’s always nice to get some Nintendo Pieces up on the board. So get those calendars marked for October 2, 2018! Because Mega Man 11 will make his return to all consoles the first week of October.


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