Monster Hunter Generations launches this summer with limited edition New 3DS XL consoles

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Generations is set to launch on July 15 with region-exclusive limited edition New 3DS XL. North America will be receiving a blue special edition New 3DS XL with the game sold separately. Europe has the red New 3DS XL with the game pre-installed.

Monster Hunter Generations has been available in Japan since last year known as Monster Hunter X, and is the latest installment in the Monster Hunter series. North America and Europe can expect a demo to be launched earlier this summer via the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Fans who attended PAX East 2016 were able to try the first ever publicly playable demo of Monster Hunter Generations.

There were two demo stations featured at PAX East found both at the Nintendo and Capcom booth. One demo station featured single player and the other was for multiplayer. I took on the demo featuring 4 players local co-op. The demo began choosing the quest, my weapon, and my choice of Hunter Styles from Guild, Striker, Aerial and Adept. Hunter Styles are really determined by your own preferential playstyle. The Guild Style will be most familiar to those who have played previous Monster Hunter titles, and is the most well-rounded style. The Striker Style heavily focuses on utilizing Hunter Arts as you can equip up to three, the Aerial Style focuses heavily on jumps and aerial attacks, while Adept Style was teased to be for most advanced users as it only allows one Hunter Art and ideally requires the player to be familiar with the monster and its behaviors.

In addition to Hunter Styles, there are Hunter Arts which are essentially a gauge that allows you to unleash a powerful move. There are few weapon-specific Hunter Arts with up to 14 different weapons available and 4 flagship monsters, known as The Fated Four. Monster Hunter Generations boasts to be the most customizable entry to date, and it does that by allowing players to choose their Hunter Style and their Hunter Arts combination. Certain styles are compatible with a different number of Hunter Arts and you are given the option to find out what works best for you. Monster Hunter Generations felt smooth with updated attack animations, although users playing on the standard 3DS consoles might have a different experience. All in all, this installment stayed true to the series, especially as Monster Hunter Generations is a celebration of the last 10 years.


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  1. Great post and makes me want to get back into Monster Hunter.

  2. […] I am a big scary dude and I love these little guys ever since they became your sidekick in the 3DS XL version and having to build their little weaponry as well as armor. I am not expecting the same level of […]

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