Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beast After Thought

I want it and that’s my thought process of MHW: Iceborne beta this weekend. Capcom do you read me when I type this? I WANT THIS GAME. But if you want more details you can check out our thoughts in a short video below. 

MHW Iceborne Experience

You start things off like any other Monster Hunter game where you have to create your character and palico. There will be 3 different quests going in order of beginner, intermediate, and experienced. Each mission will have your main mission, but there will be guest monsters trying to interrupt and only becoming another target. 

I was with my colleague and sauce squad member Damien a.k.a Hot Sauce. He has mastered much weaponry, but charge blade and long sword which I stick to insect glaive and long sword. The new attacks combined with the clutch claw make up for new tactics and you can’t spam it. Monsters will be enraged and you will have to hold off when you need too. 

Now, if you do land an attack with the clutch claw the monsters will drop slinger ammo. This packs a punch and will stun a monster if done properly.  

The new world is lovely as a frozen tundra full of new life and areas to explore. Get ready this September when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne drops for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will come later in the Winter for the PC so do not worry. I hope you enjoyed this quick post and if you missed out on this weekends beta, it shall return on June 28th for all players. – Beast Out – 

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