Monster Hunter World x The Witcher Update and More

There is a lot of heavy breathing going on the internet especially with Monster Hunter Fans. I was lucky enough to see a tweet by Vampybitme which showed a special live announcement for a new crossover coming to Monster Hunter World. The Witcher Update is heading to MHW with Geralt as an armor skin which is awesome. If you’ve never played The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt, then you might not understand my excitement. The possibilities of what they could do here. 

Crossover of Monster Hunter World and The Witcher is Epic!

There are so many questions I have and so does many of the people I play with. I want details on monsters, but we do have first the Console Update 1.

Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth Enters

Oh god they announced Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth which is exciting when you think about it. Yes, I know many of you are tired of the same monster just getting an arch tempered upgrade, but Kulve is a good grind with many benefits. Especially when it comes to gold farming. I hope the rewards are upgraded too with this Arch Tempered beast. 

Now what catches my eye is the new Rainbow Rewards which answered my previous question. These will be more powerful than the gold rewards so it will be worth the fight with Kulve’s new attacks. The downside is with this upgrade the original Kulve will no longer be around…It is going to be LEGENDARY!!

Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth will be live from December 19th 2018 until January 3rd, 2019. Get your gear ready hunters! 

Console Update V. 2

It is time to celebrate with the Monster Hunter World Appreciation festival. This is to say thank all of us hunters for the support as we reach the one year anniversary of the release. As in any fest all previous hunts will be available to partake in. There will also special anniversary quest for us all. This is exciting! 

Console Update V.3

Woo lawd that trailer looks so good! Are portals just popping up in front of the research commission? So far details are minimum with an early 2019 release to be expected, but of course, we will keep you updated on that. 

Console Update v.4

Did he just say Arch-Tempered Nergigante? ARCH-TEMPERED NERG?!?! Are you kidding me my dude? Oh, he will be bodied I do not care. The tougher the monsters the more fun the game will be and that makes it our final update!

Christmas indeed came early for us hunters with all this amazing content that is for free! Keep that in mind that the developers of Monster Hunter World didn’t go the greedy route with this game and the rewards were amazing. I am looking forward to all the events happening and will you be hunting with us? I hope so definitely check out my twitch channel by clicking here. I hope to see you there gamers! – Beast Out – 

Source| MHW Youtube
One more Teaser for you!

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