Moonlighter New Update is Live Today

I need to check on my shop, not going to lie I closed up shop for a few weeks, but I am going to return to check out the new updates that were just announced today for Moonlighter and please check out our review before we head into this update information.

So as of right now, the developers at 11 Bit Studios has the More Stock Update which is available right now for PC players. Do not fret console players the update will be available in the coming week so keep hunting in those dungeons, but what is More Stock?

What gamers will Notice:

  • More Room Patterns: 100 patterns in fact that will grant everyone a great variety of dungeons to explore.
  • Threats are Real: Expect some deadlier new threats to give you a run for your dungeon swag when you head in to explore.
  • Special Challenges Await: So, you beat that boss right, but what if you go back into the room and maybe find something extra? That is something cool to look forward to and stated that it was because of fan suggestions.
  • Those Enchantments Though: 11 Bit is giving players new aesthetics! This means new FX for enchanted weapons armor skins that will make anything bumping in them dungeons go, “Damn where you get that at?” and that will be your chance to promote your store. That means you will be fashionable.

I am definitely with it and all reads like a great update, but be sure to check out the update when it becomes available on the console when I stream it live on Moonlighter is available right now so please check it out.  – Beast Out


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