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Being a shop owner for adventurers and warriors is a tough gig. Not only do we have to keep things in stock, but getting up at the crack of dawn to open up the shop, keeping clean and monitoring your customer’s reactions to see if they like the deals or not. But the main question is, where does the shopkeep get all of its goods? Moonlighter takes us behind the scenes on how it all works since many of us have been on the other side shopping for goods, but wondered how they did they stumble upon such treasures. We get our answers now.

Apparently, you have a bigger responsibility than you thought to have to make the town that you are living in. To do that you must venture out into dungeons in order to find many different items, sale said items and purchase new stores in the town in which yourself can shop at to enhance your gear to battle in the dungeons. Time to pack your bag and get to exploring!


This is a long game with a lot of trial and error when running into the dungeons, farming for items and making sure you separate things for both shop and yourself. I tend to keep a personal list which you can do in the game of a specific wishlist of items you need to obtain new gear or weaponry. The sad part is the game doesn’t fully indicate you obtained the items you need for a particular item. It is not too bad because it is your responsibility to keep track of what you need. Now the gentlemen, in the beginning, gave you some interesting tips on selling items and how to pay attention to your customer’s expressions when selling items. If you sale to high they will get upset, but you don’t want to sell to low or you won’t make a proper profit.

I would say treat this as if you had your own shop and once you earn enough money you can expand the town or your own shop. However, it is important to expand the shops in town with the blacksmith and a healer shop. Having potions is crucial to surviving the dungeons. Here is where things get interesting as there are 5 other dungeons to unlock while you are going through the main one with different levels. Prepare to farm for a long time and also don’t be greedy. I had many failures where I finished in one dungeon level to go to the next one and it was filled with higher difficulty monsters. This caused me to lose all my items in my bag which was a lot and I had to start from scratch or just take what I had to the store.

Now, if you unlocked the healer shop there are many potions that you can either buy the recipe or you can use the ingredients you obtained to just make the potion, but still have to pay. You are paying for her labor in making it for you, which is funny to me. There are potions to unlock the dungeon maps with details of hazards as well, but you can only use it once for each dungeon area. It would be too easy if you can have it infinite. It is a nice expensive strategy to have so you don’t have to be too surprised. It doesn’t completely tell you whats in each area but shows you the path, treasure, and skulls for danger.

To navigate through the dungeon you will have a light and heavy attack. I am fitted with a sword and shield which by pressing Square I can block some attacks, but be mindful of your areas. You are fitted with a dodge ability which is also your jump. This can be used to get over many chasms through the dungeons. If you run low on potions, I would hope you find the pond of healing, that’s right in a random part of the dungeon you will find this magical water source that will heal you to 100%.

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After a few close calls I would hope you realize that “Hey, I need to upgrade to become stronger!” That’s where you use some of the funds and materials to build some armor to boots health and defense. It is that simple, but you will also have the option to crafter weapons and armor for your shop for sale to those warrior travelers that do visit in your shop after a few days. Yes, there will be a calendar that starts in January and seems to speed up the day when you open your shop for sale.


Moonlighters take you on a classic exploration that favors old style RPG’s like Final Fantasy or Xenogears, but being that it is an action dungeon crawler makes it all the better. There is some beauty in the lands you traverse through, but I do feel there is a lack of personality from your main characters and the world itself. The Healer may give you sass each time you come to her shop with her shade looks, but not much else.

There are many monsters that perform different difficulties, but frankly, they follow a set pattern that you can easily tackle if you have patients. There will be some lush portal areas into a magical forest that I favor a lot, but the true fun is when you unlock the other dungeons, but that will take time.

The Bad:

I feel the pace is a bit too slow, it is a catch 22, where the pace can be good and you don’t have to worry too much about rushing through it, but at times it will make you forget the game at least for me. Right now I am taking a vacation from my shop and I know there are many adventurers looking for my goods, but I am enjoying my time off, but at the same time, I am thinking it would be great as a marathon stream to grind and farm for items.

The combat needs a bit of work in some cases, but if you do get a projectile weapon it will make a world of difference, sadly you can’t swap as easy from long range to short range. It brought a tear to my eye and as I am playing I could not help but feel that this could use a nice dash of co-op play. That is all personal preference.


Moonlighter takes you an interesting twist where you technically are an adventurer, but more on the lines of an adventurer running a business and to keep that business alive you must take a risk to bring goods to your customers. I always wondered how they obtained such great items, but then when you watch movies like Indiana Jones which he then brings artifacts to a museum that is pretty much the same concept if instead, he brought to his shop to sell. There is a massive amount of replay value to be had so you will be playing for hours and it is recommended to play on the hard difficulty to get an enjoyable experience. I felt playing on easier kind of made the game feel as if it was on a snail’s pace.

You can pick up this game on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One for $19.99 which is not to bad. I give Moonlighter 4 paws out of 5. Definitely check this out and add it to your indie collection, it is worth it all. Please share your experience below if you are playing and hope to see you next time. – Beast Out




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