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Good Morning fellow gamers and welcome to your Monday gaming news where this time we are talking about the Mortal Kombat movie. Not too long ago we got word that a reboot was in the works and so far we have our director James Wan noted for Aquaman and IT Chapter 2. This should be quite interesting for the MK franchise especially with the success of Mortal Kombat 11. 

New Leads for Mortal Kombat Movie

Over the weekend the Hollywood Reporter gave us some news on new leads that will be showing up in the fighting game turned movie. I am quite happy with this list and I want to see how they will portray these characters. First up we have Mehcad Brooks also known was Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl who will be taking the role of Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs. 

Now, my take on that would be the build up that I hope they are considering. I don’t want you to rush right into Jax having metal arms. definitely go through the process and maybe if it does well take his arms away in the sequel and make them make sense. Unlock the moral code they tried to pull with Sabre of American Gladiators ripping off his metal arms because he had the power in believing himself. You have to have that level of consequence and lose. Jax was mutilated badly hence why he needed the prosthetics. 

Next up is a good choice for the Thunder God Tadonobu Asano who was in Thor: Ragnarok. Raiden is a tough character in my opinion, we already had 2 versions of him with both not so bad. I do believe that Christopher Lambert did a great job though. The Thunder God of Earth Realm Raiden should get a stand alone film as a prequel would be nice. Tadonobu is a great after and I feel he will do the role justice. He has a tough persona and shows dominance while acting. 

This is my all time favorite character in the series and I am a bit worried because Mileena is simple but complex at the same time. There is a new comer in talks for the role Sisi Stringer, but she has to bring the chaotic craziness of Mileena to do it justice. Being that she is a mix breed of being a clone of Kitana and D.N.A from Tarkatan mutant nomads. 

The hero of the story Liu Kang will be taken by Black Ranger from The Power Rangers movie reboot Ludi Lin. Not a bad choice and it seems he can portray a video game character after his work in the Black Mirror episode. This is going to be a huge shoes to fill, being that Robin Shou did a great job in the role. We know he is the Champion, but as of late Liu Kang has been going through a lot of mess which has built him into a great character. 

Lastly we coming to one of my favorite characters of the series and that is Sub-Zero who is going to be played by Joe Taslim. Sub-Zero doesn’t have that much of a tragic story unlike Scorpion, but he has a harsh history with his older Brother who we know become Noob Saibot. Either way Frigid Ninja needs a bigger needs a bigger role than what he had in the previous movies. He hardly spoke in the first one and when they introduced the brother he was just in one scene. I am curious which storyline will do produce. 

Expectations of MK Movie

I know there is not a lot you can do in a short amount of time with a reboot and being their first movie. I do not expect a lot of screen time for the many characters, but please concentrate on a few I would love many sequels for this series. It does beg the question do we need an origin story? Or can we just jump right into them in the Outworld tournaments? If we do get a background story can we get a quick back drop of how outworld has one nine tournaments and it is in the fate of Earth realm to win the 10 phase. 

We still need to see who will play Shang Tsung and if they will introduce any other Warlock character like Quan Chi. Who knows, but I am rightfully excited. However, what say you gamers? What do you want from the movie and do you expect fatalities maybe a joke thrown in for Friendship? Share your thoughts in the comments below. – Beast Out – 

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