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I new tag that I recently become acquainted with is something called “Bullet Hell” which is self-explanatory. Now, I have experienced this genre in many games like Contra, R-type, 1942 and many other games of that style. I don’t recall experiencing this style in the first person. MotherGunShip is here to bring you everything the form of panic, dodging and leveling to improve your battle suit. Let’s take a look.


So, how does one deal with a hoard of Data Leeching Robotic Aliens? That is simple, you load up, arm up and shoot in any and all directions. Your bullets do not just have a name for your enemies. Oh no, each bomb, bullet, harpoon and unique weapon all state, “To Whom it may concern!” You are Earth’s last hope and in my case, that is scary because I have friendly fire problems. In all that heroic glory it is up to you to go to each ship to experience random scenarios of mayhem. That is pretty much it with the story portion of this review.


You are going to scream, run around, panic maybe when you go into any room because it is like opening up a surprise each time. I started off the gaming just pumped and running through the door ready to wreck everything and after a few days, my tactics have changed. I kind peek into the room a bit and enter slowly because things do not spawn or materialize until you are fully in the room. Before each mission, there will be submissions surrounding the main mission and the game is kind enough to let you know to do these missions first to not just to get familiar with the combat, but to also level up your battle suit before the main event.

There will be side missions will require you to use specific weapons or you can load up your own. In each room, there will be special doors that you can choose from with a dice roll, challenge room and of course the red door of doom. You can spend a long time looking for secret doors and other paths before finding the room with the self-destruct button to end the level. There will also be a shop room after you destroy many enemies you will have credits to utilize and upgrade your weapons with new ones you buy.

This is where things get fun and I am so glad I messed with legos and K’nex when I was a kid. You can make the most Ridiculous Weapon combinations which can get quite insane. This goes for both right and left hands. You can keep one hand to give an enemy a good “Fisting” which just punching them with devastating force. Now I have comboed a chain gun with a railgun and topped off with a damage modify or a lava mine mod. My favorite combos have been two Gatling guns and the lava mine mod on my right hand and on the left rocket launchers with a damage modifier. There are many opportunities for you to get creative with the all the items and guns as well as modifiers to help you get through each ship.

Once you are done on a mission head to the back room and upgrade your suit with health boosters, landing modifiers and so much more to give you enhancements. There is even a secret back room that has some black market goodies that will give you a boost and advantage, but be careful if you lose you will lose the weapons you acquired from each mission. This is why you will at times will get doubles of weapons you obtain. So, at your own risk be careful on your favorites especially with blue and purples you obtained.


it has a funny tone to it quite cartoonish and the humor kind of reminds me of a PG-13 humor to Borderlands, especially when the ship gets flooded with pop up ads and the Captain asks you to pick on one that he finds interesting. There is even one point where you come back to the ship to balloons and birthday celebration happening where you are forced to enjoy the Captains birthday. I quite enjoy it.

The visuals looking out the ship and then traveling through each mission is pretty solid, but simple concept. You will experience many obstacles and different drone weaponry that will make you appreciate in honor as bullets fly in your direction. The weapon designs are pretty cool especially show creativity like a Lava bounce gun which shoots balls of lava that will bounce at a target and cause area damage where it lands. The Music Score is pretty sweet and the sound effects for each weapon are different which gives you that enjoyment that the developers took that time with each sound.

The Bad:

Why is it that I spend points on the enhancements for my character and after each mission, it seems they do not stay? Is it a time limit or only made for said mission? These are things I would like to know, because what is the point of leveling if it is not permanent?

I also would have like to have the ability to have certain weaponry that had a changeable neck because you will have a 3 prong piece that can add 3 items, but many weapons just point forward so why not just give some weapons more joints to position it in any direction? That would have been pretty neat.


MotherGunShip is the bullet hell that you deserve to play with funny commentary, free range of imagination in weapon designs and of course a nice challenge for any First Person Shooter fan. It is one intense heavy metal music video that you are living in right now and all you have to do is farm to take on the big missions which is not to bad. They just need to fix up the level issues for your character and it would be perfect, as well as some minor customization features I would enjoy more if the weapons have more slots in them for positions.

There is co-op coming sometime this month and I can’t wait to experience that which I will have to add in an updated review. As of right now, MotherGunShip gets 4 out of 5 paws from me. You can pick it up right now for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam Marketplace for $24.99. I hope you enjoyed this review and please check out our streams on – Beast Out

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