Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Review

Prepare to rage when you play this game. That is right gamers I am going straight into this review with a warning because Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is not just a name, oh no it is actual fact! I mean come on developer…you are not getting with that damn title at all. This will be that game to make you break a controller in half, but not really since they are freaking expensive. Let’s get into this review.


You see that menacing image of those silver faces of evil…yup that is the game ready to mess your whole world up with much destruction to your mental state. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge brings a classic style to the new age of gamers from the days of yesteryear where this game takes its difficulty from. This is a cross of Ninja Gaiden and super Mario┬ábrothers with a dab of contra. The funny part about the game is that there is a pattern that any gamer can follow, but it all comes down to our human error in the end.

Some enemies will go left to right or up and down. There are many occasions where they jump into the background and they move so slow that you can’t really blame the game if you get caught by that pattern. Your biggest enemy in this game is the environment itself and that freaking jetpack that makes you feel safe, but not really. It is all about timing and being patient until you know the game and you can then do a speed run.

I am not going to make claims that I went far into the game, oh no. In fact, my fellow writer Mr. Trickster played for three hours with over 80 deaths and I played for a full hour having 50 deaths under my belt and it was a fun nightmare. That statement may sound confusing, but the game is not bad at all. It brings a level of difficulty and challenges you the right way that many games have lost through all the hyped up graphics. The best part about this game that it is available on handhelds which you can take the rage with you on the road.

Since I am not alone in this review, I have a quick statement from Mr. Trickster who also dabbled in Mutant Mudd Super Challenge.

Well, let’s compare with a good platformer like mega man. It was challenging because of the placement of the enemies with the level design complimenting that challenge by either making it harder to get through easier enemies or making it easier to get through harder enemies. MUDDS does the opposite, having some enemies make it near impossible to pass without getting hit (the ghost levels) and just have bad enemy and bonus door placement overall

That is a good point there should be a balance between difficult and nearly impossible to succeed. At times that would sound like whining, but I did notice some hiccups with the controls that make it difficult to gauge my jumps and the hit detection in some areas made me question how did I get hit. The part of any game is when the foreground covers where you are going, I used to hate that in old titles when trees you pass will block your line of sight and since you jump to the background that tends to happen a lot. This is not challenging that just causes a problem.


This is where I am at a crossroads between a difficult game that is fun versus a difficult game that is impossible. I understand you want us to earn the win, but if you make a game that has certain control issues and poor designs in combat or environments then it becomes something evil in a sense.

Graphics wise the game is visually beautiful and the added bonus of unlocking many sprites from different games kept me going, to an extent. I had to take many breaks from the frustration and I can’t help but keep going back to that frustrating aspect. I thought Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox was hard on the first level, but you sir are scary.



Mutant Mudds Super Challenge should be taken with caution and be prepared for an engaging and frustrating time with some rewards, but many tears. In that, we give it 3 Paws out of 5. It is available right now on Steam Marketplace for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and PSVita. I want to hear your thoughts on this title and how many deaths have you accumulated. Stay frosty gamers!




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