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This beast is not much of a baller, but I was given a review code of NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 and I said why not? I remember the times of NBA Jam and teaming up with my cousin Lyte back in the day. Great title with a different artistic take on the NBA Players, hell you could use presidents as well. This takes that same great style and makes it its own. Let’s see if my ball handling skills can work in this review.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Breakdown

We are going to dabble in the Good, the Bad and close it all our in our final conclusion. It is a simple game to get into with a nice cartoon style on many of your favorite basketball players. This 2 vs. 2 balling actions might be something you can enjoy.

The Good: 

Where to begin? Since this is a review copy I was gifted with a bit of an advantage. You will have your choice of Exhibition, NBA Season, and Playgrounds Championship. I would suggest checking out a pickup game in Exhibition to get a foothold of things to come. You will learn the ins and outs of what to do with a slight tutorial that you can check out at any time. Learn how to use the meter for procession shots which works for both dunking and regular shots. You get the green you are golden. Learn the tricks of using teamwork by timing layups and of course rebounds. Rushing your opponent to steal the ball is a key factor, but you can counter that with a dribble move or hitting circle to aggressively keep the ball away.

Once you get an understanding you can move on to a more creative approach by customizing your unlocked players. It is a simple custom job nothing too serious where you can change players clothing to make them your own. Sadly this does not NBA Season which is weird to me. Do not get me wrong there is a pay system where you will need to unlock the other players and of course clothing. This is a kid version of the NBA 2K game that does use microtransactions to better your players. Again I was gifted with what I need to unlock a full roster which made my buddy upset getting the pros like Jordan and John Starks.

Once in you also have the option of doing all the modes with either an A.I or a buddy. Nothing like going into a season with a friend and coordinate to obtain the achievements for it. It gave me nostalgia back on the Sega Genesis when my Cousin and I was on NBA Jam rocking the season. Setting up passes and of course, the lottery picks is an interesting feature. There will be random advantages and sometimes disadvantages when it comes to power-ups. They stated in the tutorial that you can get a bad lottery roll for too much stealing which comes as a bad luck roll. The other powers are superhuman, unlimited speed, shoot anywhere, 12-second clock and many others.

If you get a streak you can also obtain some good rolls and the court can also bless you with extra points. Either a 2x dunk icon will show on the court or a 3x will give you a nice lead. Also if you make the first score in the game you will get 3 points instead of 2. This is where strategy comes into play with either the A.I. or a friend. Use the court wisely or the court will work against you!


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Digging the cartoon feel of it and the exaggeration of the games. The announcers are both hilarious and make the game exciting. They really drive the hype, plus with the crazy dribble physics and dunk mechanics that can knock players back. You will have an awesome time, even with the effects of opening up players cards has its own enjoyment!

The Bad:

I would have to say that there should be a customize character feature. This is a simple version of 2K, but why not give us a nice simple character creation feature to really make it our own. Granted being that the game is only $29.99. I know a few games that cost less than give you that much. Also, why would you feature a paid system for this game? It would have been better for us to just unlock characters the more we play since this is less complicated than its big brother. This is a game just for casuals to get into for 30 minutes at a time. Keep it fun without the hidden paid notions. Keep it civil instead of us having to spend funds on Loot Packs and of course Locked characters.


NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is a pretty good game besides the microtransaction problem. It is a great game to get into have a nice 2 vs. 2 battle with friends or against the computer. The characters are colorful and the game is quite exciting. It definitely falls in line with the enjoyment of NBA Jam and NBA Street respectfully. For 30 dollars you get what you paid for, but again you will have to pay more than that for the loot and characters.

In all that being said I give it 3 paws out of 5. Check it out for yourself over on and let me know your thoughts in the comments in below. – Beast Out

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