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The wait is finally over racing fans and it is time to buckle up and shift into gear as we go into this new Street Racing world of Need for Speed. We have asked the developers for years asking for the street racing genre to make that dramatic comeback. The underground series, first Most Wanted and Carbon brought a whole new style to the racing world. It was the Attitude era version of the racing world. However did it live it to our expectations?

The Story:


You are a street racer that is getting noticed by the locals in the area and as the fresh new comer you get snatched up and tested. The first person you encounter a punk rich kid named Spike who is amped up on Monster and ready to challenge the streets in a big way and he is your gateway to the world of street racing. Soon enough you meet up with Robyn, Amy, Manu and Travis who are your guide to the big time. They set you up with your first car, a garage and the venues to test your skills out there. If this was the real world and people were this kind and welcoming then many would be street racers.


The story goes into fandom as certain big league racers come to the scene to show off their mantle or scout for fresh competition. However, the true mystery of the game is the Outlaws who shake things up by provoking cop chases. This is bad for regular street racers that just want to race peacefully, but are they our antagonist of the story? That is still a mystery.

The Good:


Need for Speed to me as been the go to racing game because of its arcade style racing and intense competition. The day it transitioned to the street racing genre was the best thing since the debut of Initial D. For years we wanted to get back to the streets properly and had to go through a few titles until our request were answered. Need for Speed 2015 is not as overwhelming as Underground and that is okay, because the customization is enough to help out new racers and detailed for season players.

I started off with the Ford Mustang FoxBody, because it reminds me of mad max’s interceptor and as of right now my beast has grown to a Monster. My Foxbody clocks at 201 mph, hits 0-60 in 2.89 seconds and if I remember correctly is pushing close to 900 hp. I could be wrong and I shall check again. I made my muscle car a drift car which has a balance of grip and drift performance. Why? Because I want to be able to tackle those corners faster and come out pushing as much speed as possible. The grip to me is a bit to stiff, but that is a choice you will have to make on your own.


The visuals are simple, but I hope they give an option to upload more or even a classics pack. Do not expect visual customization as deep as Shift series or Underground back in the day. The decal area gives you enough room to breathe, but not enough to make it seem like Photoshop. That is fine and I do give props to creative people out there that make it their own. I would like in the future for NFS developers to give us a classics vinyl pack from previous NFS titles as DLC. There were a lot of cool designs back in the day that I would like to see now.

All cars feel different and race different which is a big win for me. I can’t stand a racing game that features different cars and they all feel the same or the ones that are supposed to have power feel slow. If you go into Need for Speed you will know what a tuner is, what is a muscle and what is an exotic. This breathes in a lot of room of experimenting and learning as you go through each vehicle differently. You will have to adapt to each car of course, but that will come with experience. Besides you are the one building it so be prepared to be able to drive what you build.

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Jump and play is going to be one of your favorite features in NFS. There is a huge open world map that gives you the option to drive around and discover secrets, but if you are too far away you can just teleport to that venue for a race. Now things get more competitive with the AR system as you can see some of your friends and other racers points for you to beat. I would have enjoyed a ghost mode feature, but that’s asking a bit too much. Either way shout out to Seph_Dean, Cloud, and TellTale for making the game more interesting.

Oh My god they made it easier to save your money. When you get rewarded in NFS you get rewarded and that pushes you to do great in each race. I don’t have to worry about upgrades to soon or if I need to get a certain car for a specific event. I am actually sticking with my main car all this time until I truly feel the need to upgrade. If you run out of funds too soon, that’s all on you and not the game forcing you to. I have saved up over 200,000 dollars, but spent most of it to hook up a Mustang Boss and a Trueno 86. The car list is mostly limited with the exotics being Lambos, but from my understanding there will be updates gradually in time.


Big plus in the game is the DLC will be free and that is all right by me.

The bad or “Why did you did that?”


As great as this game is the developers dropped the ball on a few things. The main problem that we face in playing Need for Speed is the crew feature. The idea is that you make a crew with your friend, but no it is your own personal world with a crew of people and with some of your friends. You will get more points if you are with a crew, but at times you can’t get them in your room and if you do make a crew world room you can’t get out of it unless you exit out the game and start over. There is no way of making the rooms totally invite only because it will need to fill the world up with racers. So you make a Crew playlist with invite only, but apparently people are still entering your world which makes you ask, “What’s the point?”

Daily challenges have been mostly dedicated to police activities which is great in building up your outlaw reputation, but the simple fact that the police garbage in this game can be frustrating. The police are not frustrating because they are difficult, no it is because they are so slow and give up too easily. You literally have to slow down to even do many of the challenges in this game and the A.I does a lot of dumb things. I remember the police activity from Most Wanted back in 2008 which was the best intense police activity ever and when you went passed the first level the cops become more aggressive. In NFS 2015 it took level 3 for them to send out the police barricades and even with that I only had two cops. What a joke.


If you thought the phone calls in GTA IV were bad, wait until you play NFS 2015. Almost clocking at 30 seconds each you will get a phone call from the racers that you interact in the story with. Granted you do not have to answer the phone, but damn you are in the middle of a race and your phone goes off. Not really promoting car safety with this feature, because you get text messages too from the outlaws. Usually you would get the phone calls before or after a race, but never during.

As far as I know there is no real concrete way to get your buddies to race with you. This portion makes me feel as if I am an idiot not figuring this out, but I invite my crew to a race and only two of us end up in the race even though all of us showed up to the spot. There was only one miracle that we all ended up in a race together, but that is one out of five tries.


Speaking on the online portion, being that the game is always online can kill the mood quick since recently the servers were down and that is bad for business. This goes back to my worry of everything being online without the option of a single player run. Your servers go down and we push on to another game, which means less time with racing. This happens to often and most gamers will just give up on it. I hope the server thing doesn’t become too much of an issue in the future.

Final thoughts:


Need for Speed gets 3.5 paws out of 5. This score actually came into much debate where I had to be fair and really think about giving it a 4, because it did start off with a 4.5 at first and that soon started to fall less. There are a lot of great things with the racing feeling amazing, the graphics are way above expected and the story in its cinematic form is amazing. In all that glory there was a lot of problems that made me feel uneasy. I could even nitpick about the main character you playing as is a dude, not going to go into a race situation with that, but I know many female racers and enthusiast. I am not saying they are screaming for a woman lead role, but I am actually curious what would happen if that was the case and how would the other characters treat her vs. a dude. It would have been nice to shake it up with a gender choice. I know that is a lot of filming, but it could be done.

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I purchased the deluxe addition for the extra perks and to have the 2008 Most Wanted BMW which looks amazing in my garage. In that I really want to get back to the racing world, so I hope you enjoyed this read. Need for Speed is available right now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. I hope to see you on the streets racers. If you like to see a live demonstration of NFS head on over to my twitch channel and I will give you a first hand look of this review. Stay frosty!

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