Need For Speed Heat Announcement

GamesCom is a few days away and today a new Need for Speed title has been unleashed to the public. Need for Speed Heat will be the next installment to the series with a release date of November 8th 2019. That is quite soon if you ask me, which means this has been in development for a while. Time to burn some rubber witht he latest announcement trailer. 

The Heat is on with NFS

I am laughing, but in a good way because of the title of Need for Speed Heat which sounds like a 90’s action show. I was expecting at least the song from Beverly Hills Cop, “The Heat is On!” Either way I digress, we now have a new title after the 2017 release of NFS Payback which was another amazing game. However I didn’t invest in as much time as I did with the 2015 Need For Speed Reboot that felt like a homage to Underground. 

Some of us are sadden that this is not an Underground 3 or a remake, but I will be giving this title a shot to see whats good. We can’t say much about this just yet since there is a mixture of gameplay and trailer. I do like that they showed a glimpse of what you will be able to do tuner wise. 

What Now?

We wait for details naturally you silly and we shall see what happens next week during GamesCom 2019. However, let’s take this time and have a discussion on your thoughts, hopes and what you expect? Just leave a comment below.  – Beast Out – 


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