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I know some people were not expecting to read or hear about Anthem showing up in the game news again. Well it is here and yes there are still people that care which is fine. Some of us are hoping that Anthem will either get some major update or some turn around to improve on some of the issues. But we are not going to discuss that today, we are here about the latest update to Anthem comes a new update called Cataclysm and we have a trailer. 

Anthem brings the Cataclysm

So pretty much this sounds like a time trial as you go through each area gaining more time. I almost thought this was a new addition to the story or maybe enhance it a bit more. I feel like they would have got more bears with the proper honey. Being that this mode is open to all levels doesn’t make it that sweet. It should be enough players at this point that reached beyond end game for this to be enough to make a come back. 

It is nice that we will get new events each week though and new rewards. I usually stick with Ranger and Colossus, but I think I will start over now that my EA account is back and working on my main account. Now that I know what I am getting into I can enjoy it in a different light. 

Side Talk:

The comments are pretty harsh on this new video and I kind of feel bad for the developers of this game that has potential, but I do agree with one comment. “You guys better pull a No Man’s Sky if you want people to play again.” said by Anti- Sora. Not for nothing Bioware you really dropped the ball which you all had amazing stories for other games. This one lacked that which it had a strong beginning. But you can see my review of Anthem here

In that, I am assuming the event is now live since the trailer doesn’t specify a date. But for those that are still playing Anthem I am curious on your thoughts and what is keeping you in the game? Please comment in the section below and be sure to check out my streams on – Beast Out – 

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