New Free Dragon Ball FighterZ Update

All right Z-Fighters this is going to be a quick update to share with you for those that may not know the details about. Today we have a new trailer for the Free Tournament update for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournament Mode!

In the latest free update to DRAGON BALL FighterZ, you can sharpen your skills to become #1 in the FighterZ Tournament and collect all the Z Trophies! With over 70 Tournament variations & rules + more seasonal Z Capsules on the way, true power knows no limits!

We did our review a while ago on Dragon Ball FighterZ and this free update will give you a new challenge. Especially when you have to collect all the Z Trophies. If you are a seasoned fighter or a newcomer definitely check out this fighter from Arc System Works.

Z-Fighter Details:

  • FighterZ Tournament – Fight against other players online in daily tournaments with unique rules. Over 70 different tournament rules will be available to choose from including; Sharpened Senses, which turn off both health and Ki gauges and King of the Kamehameha matches, which limit character selection to Kamehameha users only. Players will be able to view and select scheduled tournaments from the FighterZ Tournament selection screen.
  • Z Trophies and Z Trophy Rooms – Players can collect Z Trophies by participating in tournaments and store them in their own personal Z Trophy Rooms. Additional trophy rooms can be purchased with Zeni players earn while playing the game.
  • Seasonal Z Capsules – Holiday themed Z Capsules will be available soon. These capsules will include new Christmas themed stamps, lobby avatars, and outfit color schemes.

You can pick up your copy by going directly to the Bandai Namco site and it is a good time to pick it up with all the DLC available right now. I hope you enjoy and please share your team roster in the description below. – Beast Out

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