New Game Preview of Ironkraft

Hello everyone, I’m back with my first preview for you guys. This time I’m tackling a new game coming out soon to steam called Ironkraft – Road to Hell. Let’s get started!

Remember those mobile games where you control a car or bike and you had to do tricks and flips to rack up points? This game is that plus mounted guns. Yup, it’s that awesome. Take your armored vehicle as you blaze through the road shooting up zombie soldiers, UFOs and……balloons? But that’s not all! You get to customize your car with mounted machine guns, armor, and a drill to plow through those obstacles. It almost feels like Mad Max; almost.


The game itself is still in its beta (alpha?) stage, which means that it still needs a lot of tweaking. In the one stage I had access to, it was well put together and it wasn’t too hard or too easy, such as the first stage of any game should be. Since its physics based game, the gameplay has to be implemented right and when it does, it can be pretty fun. But on the opposite end, it can be very easy to mess up. As a game developer myself, I know how hard it is to make a game as complicated as this. With that said, I know there’s still a lot of stuff they need to focus on, including the obvious.


Ironkraft has a lot of potential to be a moderately great game. The environment is amazing, the AI is fair, and they just need to focus on the physics of the game. And tweak the AI of the enemies because some of them are annoying, but that’s just my preference. Also, I hope they make the game with better controller support. Overall, it’s a pretty good game for steam. They can even outfit this game into a mobile platform. Let’s hope this game can be as great as I imagined it when it comes out for steam. So until then guys, Let’s Make Magic!


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