New Mech JRPG Megaton-Kyuu Musashi from Level 5

Who Loves Big Giant Robots? I know I do been a fan for a long time and always wanted a mech. From the days of Gigantor to Big O which all were badass fights even the Voltron! However I always dug games like Tech Romancer or Armored Core which let you solo any mech and of course Gundam. Now the makers of Ni No Kuni is taking on JRPG’s with their new title Megaton-Kyuu Musashi! 

Megaton-Kyuu Musashi Start Up!

The details are coming from Extra Life Page writer Jack Gardner and as they stated. 

“The game combines high school drama with apocalyptic conflict. The story follows the events in Shelter, a last refuge for humanity following the decimation of Earth by an alien force known as Dractor. Life inside Shelter continues almost as normal, but that normalcy covers up dark secrets as the battle for survival wages outside its fortifications.”

I love the cartoon style of it and as stated in their article it stars Yamato Icihigadoji and his colleagues as co-pilots who all combine into a giant robot. Each character will have their own set of personalities and there is also talk that they are teamed up with the weekly Shonen Jump to have a TV series and toys. In a Forbes interview with the developer, this was stated. 

“We are intentionally diving into less popular and so-called “blue ocean” genres. For example, the Inazuma series is our foray into the soccer game genre, even though soccer’s popularity is declining in Japan and Little Battlers eXperience was our way of challenging the robot genre, though the popularity and production of plastic robot models is declining.

For Megaton Musashi, we are applying the same strategy. When I was a child, there were a lot of giant robot anime produced and I was really into it but currently, there are hardly any super robot intellectual properties, and it is difficult for them to catch on. So for Musashi, I want to use the latest technology to create a nostalgic but new robot that will reverberate with children and adults alike.”

I just want the game to be honest and the unique idea of a MECH JRPG which I have not played one since Xenogears on PSONE. So far details are a bit scarce as to what platforms we are expecting it on. As we all know that level 5 has so far done Ni No Kuni exclusively for the PlayStation 4, but we can’t assume the same will be for Megaton Musashi. One can hope it can go across the platforms, but for now, it is on my radar and I shall be diving deep for more details. – Beast Out – 

Source| Extra Life Game News

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