Nintendo Takes Down Alvin-Earthworm’s Patreon Page

Before we start off, I just want to say as a disclaimer, I am 100% pissed at Nintendo for this selfish action. Out of all the ridiculous copyright claims they put on fan art and fan animations, this one boils my blood the most. Nintendo, you’ve done messed up now!

I’ve been a dedicated Nintendo enthusiast since the Nintendo 64 and I’ve always stuck by them through thick and thin. To me compared to the other game company powerhouses, Nintendo was my underdog because even though they were always shun by their systems being inferior to its competitors, I knew having fun in games was the most important thing in my childhood and I knew Nintendo could deliver that without betraying me. Until I learned that Nintendo decided that their content is more important than their fans’ happiness. When Nintendo sent a DMCA to Patreon to take down Alvin’s Patreon page, only then did I realize Nintendo would rather make more money, money that they don’t even need at this point, then let fans spread their love for Mario and his friends.


Now for those of you who don’t know who Alvin-Earthworm is or what he does, then get ready to have your life a little more “Super”. Alvin-Earthworm A.K.A. Mark Haynes is a sprite animator who made sprite movies in the young days of the internet. He made a crossover fan series of Mario and Sonic called “Super Mario Bros. Z”, animating the fights in a Dragon Ball Z style. This series was absolutely amazing to watch! Back then, he had one of the best sprite animating skills known to the internet. In a way, you could call him the “Father of Sprite Animation”.

His series didn’t last forever though. By episode 7 of the series, he stopped animating and left the story at a cliff hanger. Fans were panicking as to why he stopped, speculating what happens after the cliff hanger. To fill this gap, Mark came back to make a short animation to clear up some unanswered questions, but after that, he left the project completely and never made another episode of Super Mario Bros. Z ever again….until just recently! Just a couple months ago, Mark Haynes makes a comeback and tells the world that he will make a reboot of Super Mario Bros. Z! Everyone was amazed, shocked, confused, and blown away by this incredible news! To have fans be part of this new project, he decided to make a Patreon page to have fans help Mark get funded to make the reboot. And with very satisfying results, he went straight to work on making the first episode and I get to share with you guys right here! Check it out, you will NOT be disappointed:

Now that your minds have been blown by the shear awesomeness that is this video, let’s continue.


So the episode has been out for about a month now and when the episode came out, Mark Haynes said (I kid you not) he hopes Nintendo doesn’t see his series and take it down. And yet just recently, I get an email telling me that Patreon has removed Alvin’s page due to a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo. I thought Nintendo was better than this, but it seems Mark called it.


Ok, now let me tell you why I’m pissed about this. First of all, Nintendo has been taking down other creators’ fan art content before this one which begs me to believe that Nintendo doesn’t want anybody getting profit for their content except them. Now I can understand this if this was any other small business company trying to make a living, but we’re talking about Nintendo: the company that can last about 100 years on their funds if they decided to cease production of their games and consoles. Seriously, I’m not joking! Nintendo is so wealthy; they could rival Disney if they wanted to! This proves how stingy they are about their content regardless how rich they are.

maxresdefault (1)

So am I mad at Nintendo for taking down Alvin’s page? Definitely. Does this mean I’ll stop playing Nintendo games all together? No, because regardless of how awful they are morally, I’ll admit they still make great games. I just hope that Alvin-Earthworm can still receive some kind of support from his fans and still continue making his series. As for Nintendo, I’ve lost all respect for them for their actions on us creators. *Sigh* now that I got my anger out, I can only hope the best of luck for Mark. If you guys agree or disagree about anything in this post, let me hear your thoughts in the comments. This has been Mr. Trickster giving you the best that I have to offer and until next time, Let’s Make Magic!


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4 Responses to Nintendo Takes Down Alvin-Earthworm’s Patreon Page

  1. R.Hoffmann says:

    Its often problematic when artists create fan art and try to get paid to create more fan art.

  2. Professor Murder says:

    Nintendo(as most companies would) didn’t have a problem with this until Patreon got involved. If the guy wants to make profit off of this material, Nintendo (and SEGA) have every right to stop it, and you can’t gripe over it.

    • MrTrickster says:

      You’re right. Mark should have at least asked permission before he tried to make a Patreon out of it. I should’ve pointed that out in the post, I appologize.

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